7 nov 2017

This 7th of November 2017, we celebrate the hundred years of the October revolution, which in 1917 led Russia to socialism, through an armed insurrection followed by a civil war between the red and the white armies.

We say that this path is still valid today ; in each capitalist country, a revolutionary upsurge must be led by the avant-guard revolutionary party, mobilizing the masses so that they take the power in destroying the old state in a necessary violent way...

18 oct 2017

There is never no reason for any capitulation – the struggle continues until victory ! For this reason, we wish to stress here the historical signification of the murders of Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe, political prisoners of the Red Army Fraction, in the night of the 17th of October, 1977. Those murders form a major political event in the frame of the struggle between revolution and counter-revolution in the imperialist metropoles.

1 mai 2017

This May 1, 2017 is marked by the historical strengthening of the tendency to imperialist war. Each camp polishes its weapons, strengthens its capacity for action, promotes nationalism.

The United Kingdom tumbles to the exit of the European Union with the Brexit; in India, Narendra Modi organizes a regime in which Hinduism turns to fanaticism.

In the United States, it is Donald Trump, that coarse, narrow billionaire who took the lead ; in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has reinforced, in a generalized manner, his prerogatives as president relying on religion...

10 avr 2017

Hundred years ago, Marcel Duchamp opened symbolically a whole new epoch. It was the end, on the side of the bourgeoisie, of any pretension of rationalism, objectivity, of objectivism in the sense of the representation of an object.

Alongside the tremendous raise of the productive forces, the bourgeoisie definitely dropped any sense of realism, universalism, collectivism, as those values were now the substance of a strong working class.

2 nov 2016

Next year, all the genuine revolutionaries in the world shall hail the October Revolution, the seizure of power in Russia in 1917. With the great Lenin at the head of the “Bolsheviks” forming the majority of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, the revolutionaries were able to overthrow the reactionary state and establish Socialism.

As Communists following the path of 1917, we want to profit from this hundred anniversary coming to point out a very important aspect of the October Revolution : the question of the direction, i.e. the importance of Lenin...

1 nov 2016

This book was written in the period preceding the Russian Revolution, during the slight lull that set in after the outbreak of the big strikes of 1895-1896. At that time the working-class movement withdrew, as it were, into itself, spreading in breadth and depth and paving the way for the beginning in 1901 of the demonstration movement.

10 aoû 2016

CPF(mlm) - Statement 89 - On People's War

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Since the development of Scientific Socialism by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, a very important topic was the question of the nature of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Let's remember here what is said in the letter to Joseph Weydemeyer, dated March 5, 1852, where Karl Marx explains his contribution in the following manner :

“And now as to myself, no credit is due to me for discovering the existence of classes in modern society or the struggle between them. Long before me, bourgeois historians had described the historical development of this struggle between the classes, as had bourgeois economists their economic anatomy...

1 mai 2016

Nothing can stop the movement of matter, the movement of change. And the task is to make this change real, developing itself correctly, to establish a better world, a pacified and unified humankind, a more developed society where culture, arts, science and ecology govern everyday life.

A society where robots help us to progress in production, where the global telecommunications networks permits to share all the knowledge in the best efficient way, where informatics facilitate all the calculations for planning and science, where intellectual and manual labour are combined, where medicine profits to all with the free sharing of knowledge, where man and woman are equal...

20 fév 2016

Dialectical materialism and living matter

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Matter goes to Communism : this is the very ideological core of dialectical materialism. As matter – which is infinite and eternal – moves without any stop and in the form of a spiral, through dialectical leaps - it progresses more and more in terms of complexity and organization. Communism is this movement to always more coordination, interrelationship, interpenetration, of deep process of combination. It is the principle of synthesis.

17 nov 2015

We want to underline here some aspects that should be understood after the attacks on Friday, November 13th, in France i.e. in Paris, to have a correct and complete overview of the events. We make here a common document about it, because both our countries are concerned.

We say that the Islamist project is a synthesized ideology, an expression of feudal forces, that have been in the situation to free themselves, in a relative manner, from the relationship to bureaucratic capitalism...

14 nov 2015

Our country was again the witness of the feudal criminal insanity. For the first time since our Wars of Religion, in the 16th century, and the sadly famous Dragonnades of the 17th century, people have been murdered collectively in the name of religion.

In the city of Paris, in an area full of nightlife, people had to throw sheets from theirs windows to hide the dead bodies. About 158 people were killed, hundred others wounded, in a series of armed attacks against bars and a concert hall, with three bombings in the area of a football stadium, all of this in the name of religion, with several kamikazes : this is not understandable in our country having made a democratic revolution...

6 nov 2015

In Bangladesh those last days, a policeman was murdered by a group affiliated to the Islamic State, group having already killed an Italian aid worker and a Japanese farmer, and also two others people in the blast at the country's main Shiite shrine.

But it was a group connected to Al-Qaeda which attacked last saturday two publishing house offices in Dhaka, killing Faisal Arefin Dipan, chief of publication house Jagriti Prokashoni, injuring critically Suddhaswar publisher Ahmedur Rashid Tutul, considered as “atheists and blasphemers”, whereas a few hours before the US-Bangladesh blogger Avijit Roy was murdered...

5 nov 2015

We wish to warn about an erroneous line that is dangerous for the International Communist Movement : “Third Worldism”. This conception negates the national frame, the dialectical movement of reality and develops ultra-leftist topics which bring only confusion.

5 nov 2015

(3) Mao Zedong on the three worlds

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

(3) Third document

This document comes from the from the verbatim record of a discussion on February 22, 1974 between Mao Zedong and Kenneth David Kaunda; it was presented in China as the point of view of Mao Zedong about the “Three Worlds”.

“Chairman Mao Zedong (hereinafter referred to as Mao): We hope the Third World will unite. The Third World has a large population!

President Kenneth David Kaunda (hereinafter referred to as Kaunda): That’s right.

5 nov 2015

(4) Deng Xiaoping on the three worlds

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

(4) Fourth document

Deng Xiaoping, the head of the pro-capitalist fraction in the Communist Party of China, presented publicly the conception of the “three worlds” at the Special Session of the U.N. General Assembly on April, 10, 1974, as Chairman of the Delegation of the People’s Republic of China. Here is an excerpt presenting it.

5 nov 2015

(5) Red Army Fraction – Black September

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

(5) Fifth document

The difference between the red line of Mao Zedong and the black line of Deng Xiaoping (or Lin Biao) was not understood in countries like France and West Germany. Therefore, in those countries, the Chinese position was taken as a whole as an “anti-imperialist” line seeing the “Third World” as the new protagonist of the world history.

5 nov 2015

(6) Gudrun Ensslin – Declaration

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

(6) Sixth document

Gudrun Ensslin, as a member of the West German Red Army Faction, produced a statement on January 19, 1976, about the Soviet Union, during her trial. She gives the position of the RAF: the Soviet Union is a passive ally and the only enemy would be the USA. Therefore, the organizations defending the Maoist line are wrong because they would help the USA in denouncing the Soviet Union.

5 nov 2015

(7) Party of Labor of Albania on the three worlds

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

As soon as Mao Zedong died, Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labor of Albania changed their position and denounced him as a counter-revolutionary. One of the main argument was the question of the “Three worlds”, like here in this excerpt of a letter from the CC of the Party of Labor of Albania to the CC of the Communist Party of China, in 1978.

5 nov 2015

(8) TKP/ML on the three worlds

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

(8) Eighth document

In Turkey, the TKP/ML thought that, as the “Three Worlds” theory was promoted by Deng Xiaoping, there couldn't be another interpretation of it by Mao Zedong: there could be only a mere rejection. Here is the position of the TKP/ML, through an excerpt from a document published on September 9, 1979, on the third anniversary of Mao Zedong's death.

19 aoû 2015

At our epoch, the bourgeoisie is in decay; it destroys culture, it produces pessimism and irrationality. In this process, the national heritage is considered as a commodity, to use following the decadent lifestyle of the high bourgeoisie.

That's why we call to protest to the selling of some parts of the Palace of Versailles! This is another shame. This is another proof that the ruling classes, always richer, don't care about the masses, about culture, about history, about our national heritage and its democratic values...

1 juil 2015

What is happening nowadays in Greece is the product of the inter-imperialist contradictions and the contradictions among capitalism itself. The capitalists devour each other and the weakest ones fall first.

Therefore, Greece, a weak capitalist country, is becoming more and more dependent of stronger imperialist countries, being guided by a bourgeoisie tending to become a bureaucratic capitalist faction sold to the Russian imperialism and helping its goal to destroy the European Union...

28 juin 2015

As an Islamist decapitated his boss and tried to blow up a factory near Lyon two days ago, France is shocked. It is difficult to express the disgust which predominates, nevertheless we can say that the sorrow mixed with anger is very different from the reactions from January forming the “Charlie” mass movement.

The mass believed that Islamic fundamentalism was only an idealistic strategical proposal, that could only be rejected despite some dramatic events; Charlie was therefore a mass movement expressing a democratic vision of “living together”...

1 mai 2015

In the famous painting “The School of Athens” by the Renaissance painter Raphael, we can see Plato and Aristotle as the central figures: Plato points his index finger to the heavens, calling to see beyond matter, whereas Aristotle points down to earth with his hand.

23 avr 2015

One erroneous understanding of dialectics consists of seeing it as a process characterized by the steps “thesis antithesis synthesis”. This is an error that Mao Zedong tried to avoid in stressing that there is no such thing as the “negation of the negation”.

In France, such a way of seeing dialectics is very traditional, one of its most important promoter being Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, whose “French Socialism” is a “synthesis” of private property and socialism understood as thesis and antithesis...

18 avr 2015

Monism and negation of the negation

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

On lesmaterialistes.com, we defend monism – it is our basic identity. It means that we consider that there is no “split” parts in the universe, no parts at all: all the different elements are the components of only one process: the universe itself.

It means that historical materialism is only a study of some elements of the universe – the history of mankind – but that it can't be separated from dialectical materialism, which studies the movement of the universe...

7 mar 2015

Post-Modernism has nothing to do with dialectical materialism. Dialectical materialism is a science, produced by theoreticians, carried by ideological movements and states, based on concepts very well defined. Post-modernism is an ideology born in the French and US universities, promoting “deconstruction” as the path of “total liberation”.

This concept of “deconstruction” can already be found in the 1920's-1930's, with the artistic avant-gardes: surrealism in France, cubism in Czechoslovakia, futurism in Russia, all pretending to be artistic and psychological aspects of a “total” revolution that the working class should do...

26 Jan 2015

“Investment in growth” can't be the solution of capitalism as it is a dying mode of production. This is a law of history, and the electoral triumph of SYRIZA in Greece can't change this.

SYRIZA won with 35,73% of the voices, just short of outright majority, with an anti-austerity line which is only the mask of reformist modernization. This situation shows a thing which is very important to understand: reformism is still a very strong tool of the bourgeoisie to modernize capitalism through the mobilization of the masses and “Keynesian economics”.

22 nov 2014

3 years without Lynn Margulis

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Three years ago, on November 22th 2011, Lynn Margulis died and it meant a terrible loss for science. As a biologist, she practically filled the vacuum that existed in materialism since the discover of DNA.

The discover of DNA and the ideology that the bourgeoisie built about it – called neo-darwinism – formed a very difficult challenge to dialectical materialism, as it seemed that it was “proven” that individuals exist as such, and that all evolution is based only on individuals. The living world changed because some individuals were fittest, promoting their own “better” DNA, whose difference depended on “random” mutation...

28 sep 2014

Sikder and the dialectical materialist epistemology

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The word “epistemology” is not common, but it is important. It comes from the Greek and means to speak about knowledge (“epistēmē”) i.e. it's the study of the foundations of science.

For example, the foundation of the Christian “science” is the figure of the Christ, and the one of dialectical materialism is matter considered as eternal and in movement.

The great Bangladeshi revolutionary Siraj Sikder expresses here a very interesting point of view, very deep, very intense, very dense. Here is what he says...

2 sep 2014

Nostalgia according dialectical materialism

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

What is nostalgia? It is an important question, because it is a very common feeling. In fact, we should say that it is a very common feeling in the non-communist society. Why that? Because nostalgia is rooted in the non-understanding of a contradiction. The lack of synthesis brought a situation where the contradiction was not resolved in a progressive manner. Because of this, there is a “skeleton in the closet”.

If we take the example of love, or romance, we can see that the reasons for the failure were thoughts like “he has not enough money”, “she's not beautiful enough”, “better safe than sorry”, “to flee happiness by fear that it runs away”, etc.

Opportunism can exist, but can't obliterate the human reality. And the brain is here like a non rewritable CD. Once it is written, nothing can be erased. But what is in the brain can be overstepped, through a process of synthesis. For this reason, “mad people” need to work, to transform; it is only in transforming reality that they will understand the process of transformation, and also transform themselves...

18 aoû 2014

On the express orders of Hitler and Himmler, Ernst Thälmann was murdered on August 18, 1944, after more than eleven years of solitary confinement. He had previously been brought from the Bautzen prison to the concentration camp of Buchenwald near Weimar, where his body was burned after the murder, so he gets no grave. 

30 juil 2014

Without dialectical materialism, idealism prevails. For some Israel is the “only democratic state in the Middle East”, for others it is only a “Zionist entity”. Some others talk also from the “Israeli imperialism”, and anyway we can easily find anti-Semitic conceptions, seeing Israel as manipulating the others regimes in the world, controlling the USA, practising “Nazi like” genocides, etc.

All of this is basically the same position as Eugen Dühring's one, seeing “the Jews”, and here Israel, as inhuman, forming a special category, etc. According dialectical materialism, on the other side, there is no “special category”. Islamist, Christian fascist, Jewish nationalist ideologies and Anti-Semitism can get hysterical and irrational with this question, because of its “special” character. This is not the position of materialism.

So, what is Israel according dialectical materialism? In fact, there are only two solutions: either is Israel an imperialist country, or it is semi-colonial semi-feudal...

26 juin 2014

On Gonzalo's situation

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Since the arrest in 1992 of Abimael Guzmán, famous under the name of Gonzalo, imperialism has acted in a very precise way. Everything was done to raise confusion about him, to avoid at any price that his ideas would be spread. Here is an explanation of the situation.

1. a) Gonzalo is in the hands of the enemy

30 mai 2014

The leap was unable to be satisfy the expectations of the Communist Party. The main problem was the terrible weather conditions, with droughts and flooding on a terrible scale, making agricultural production fall by14% in 1959 and by 13% in 1960. In 1961, production had gone back to the levels of 1952. The state had to buy grain on the international market, 5 million tons a year.

29 mai 2014

The question was very easy to understand for the genuine communists in China. They faced two dangers, forming an immediate counter-revolutionary possibility of restoration.

The first one was the pragmatic temptation to authorize capitalist enterprises as a “tool” to develop the productive forces. The second one was the taking of power of the specialists and the cadres of the state, with the destruction of the Party.

25 mai 2014

Chinese people's communes - 3 : The first successes

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

During the period 1945-1949, the People's Liberation army, composed of 1.2 million officers and soldiers, had to face the Guomindang and its 4.3 million troops, which had the support of US imperialism: 50 000 Marines guarded strategic sites, whereas 100 000 others in the coastal province of Shandong, equipment and training and even transportation were furnished to 500 000 troops.

23 mai 2014

The goal of New Democracy was already understood a long time beforehand by Mao Zedong. And indeed, his understanding of the Chinese situation was acknowledged by the Communist Party of China.

At its Seventh Congress, from April 23rd to June 11th 1945, 754 delegates representing 1.2 million party members supported Mao Zedong's report, called “On Coalition Government”.

Mao Zedong explained in this report:

22 mai 2014

After the collapse of the German Nazi regime, and with the major role of the Soviet Union in this process, numerous countries from Eastern Europe became “people's democracies”.

This was the case for Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, the German Democratic Republic, Rumania and Albania; Yugoslavia was among them but betrayed really quickly in favour of US imperialism.

21 avr 2014

Testament (Zapovit)

When I am dead, bury me
In my beloved Ukraine,
My tomb upon a grave mound high
Amid the spreading plain,
So that the fields, the boundless steppes,
The Dnieper's plunging shore
My eyes could see, my ears could hear
The mighty river roar.

30 mar 2014





President Gonzalo established the PCP's line of construction of the three instruments of the revolution by upholding and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism.

30 mar 2014

Communist Party of Peru : Military line

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)




Upholding, defending, and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, President Gonzalo established the military line of the Party. In the First Expanded National Conference of November, 1979, it was agreed upon as being central to the general political line and it is now being developed through the People's War.

30 mar 2014

I. The Masses Clamor to Organize the Rebellion

Since ancient times, the masses have been subjected to exploitation and oppression. They have always rebelled, it is a long and inexhaustible history.

The class struggle is constant. It cannot be suppressed. For ages, since they began struggling, the masses have clamored to organize the rebellion, to be armed, to rise up, to be led. It has always been this way and will continue to be.

30 mar 2014

“The revolutionary war is the war of the masses, and it can only be realized by mobilizing the masses and being supported by them.”

“Our principle is: The Party commands the gun, and we will not allow the gun to command the Party.”

Mao Tse tung

The world political situation has entered a new era: That of Mao Tse-tung thought.

Under this sign, we have witnessed events in the past few years that have changed the world considerably.

6 Jan 2014

 We presented the Arthashastra, written by the Indian Minister Chāṇakya (c. 350–283 BC); let's see what are its arguments.

There is a state and an administration on one side, a science of politics on the other side. Hence:

“He, who is well-versed in the science of politics (…) plays, as he pleases, with kings tied by the chain of his intellect.”

5 Jan 2014

CPMLM – Document 50 – Resolution on strategy

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The situation in France
Reactionary progress in a context of crisis, and the emergence of an ideology of the military coup

The general crisis of capitalism and its manifestations in France
The ideological role of the “No” vote in the 2005 referendum on the European constitution
A “right-wing May '68”: protest against gay marriage, the humourist Dieudonné and the “Red Woolen Hats”
Anti-fascism, a necessary Front for progressives
The possibility of a reactionary coup

25 déc 2013

Absolute monarchy played a progressive role, in unifying the country, thus allowing the emergence of a vast market and the administration of the state. Capitalism could not develop itself in a country where chaos reigned and where an organized market had not enough resources.

16 nov 2013

What happened to Indian capitalism? In fact, it already had an extremely developed ideology: Jainism. But Karl Marx could not see that, for two reasons. Firstly, Jainism was less known, not to say unknown, as it still is today in fact. Secondly, Karl Marx knew an advanced form of capitalist ideology, and Jainism was “democratic” in a very elementary form.

15 nov 2013

The ideological vigour of Hinduism led the feudal forces of the south to join Hinduism, through the integration of the feudal lords into the kshatriya caste and the instruction of priests, and a whole history was “written” about all this, to connect it with northern culture.

9 nov 2013

The situation of materialism in ancient India was untenable. Materialism's two possible directions were blocked by either Hinduism or Buddhism.

Materialism had to overcome two hurdles. The first difficulty was to state that there is no soul, that only the body exists and therefore that humans do not “think”: there is only matter.

8 nov 2013

Karl Marx didn't know Buddhism and its role in India, so he thought that Hinduism had always been the dominant form and that the worship of nature was an element of it, when in fact it was an animist component of the indigenous colonized people and a peaceful component of Buddhism as a civilized and urban ideology.

7 nov 2013

The triumph of Hinduism over Buddhism took centuries. Even after the reorganization of Brahmanism into its new “Hinduist” form, Buddhism initially kept its positions in ancient India, and 3000 preachers were even sent to China, where Buddhism soon became the state religion.

5 nov 2013

The organization of Brahmanism as a “mixture” of the traditional religion of the Aryans and of local forms of animism in ancient India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, allowed the development of a feudal base leaning towards a slave system.

4 nov 2013

Reincarnation is the most famous concept that people associate with Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Let's see, from the perspective of historical materialism, how this concept was formed and what it means.

The Aryans' Vedas do not speak of reincarnation

If we look at the history of what is now India, we can see that conquerors came from the West and triumphed because of their military superiority. Those conquerors were “Aryans”, also called “Indo-Iranians.”

2 nov 2013

In ancient Greece, the slave system allowed the production of intellectuals, who had time and wealth to dedicate their activity to knowledge, to science.

During the Renaissance, in Europe and particurly in Italy, the “return” to this knowledge of Ancient Greece was formulated as the way to leave the Middle Ages behind.

28 sep 2013

In making public yesterday's report on climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change organized by the United Nations shows the total inability of the ruling classes to understand reality and to assume a progressive morality.

As Lenin put it, imperialism is the reaction all along the line. Ecocide, deforestation and destruction of nature in general form an inseparable whole from the nature itself of the accumulation of commodities existing in the world today.

22 sep 2013

In the French army, the massive support for the "quenelle" [a legal semi Nazi salute] movement initiated by comedian Dieudonné is paving the way for future fascist mass mobilization.

What fascism needs today, in addition to its agressively militant  groups and an electoralist Front National, is a large and irrational mass mobilization on the same scale as the ones accomplished by the S.A. and the Brown Shirts in the past.

11 sep 2013

40 years ago, fascism in Chile crushed the “peaceful way to socialism”, on the 11 of September 1973. But it is not only the fact that the counter-revolution was armed that was the problem for the masses – what counted as the main aspect is that the masses were disarmed, not organized in the form of the People's War.

6 sep 2013

Is Syria semi-colonial or a national state ?

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

We already faced this, following the death of Chavez, but this time with the Syrian question, this all is even clearer: the revisionists, sometimes masked as “Maoists”, deform the scientific approach of the question of the national bourgeoisie and the bureaucratic bourgeoisie.

1. Semi-feudal semi-colonial countries or “national states” ?

10 aoû 2013

One of the main question in the International Communist movement nowadays, and in fact since the 1960's, is the one of the reconstitution of genuine Communist Parties.

On this occasion, we never documented or formulated in a clear way a difference of approach between the CPMLM [France] and the MPP, the Communist Party of Peru's generated organism for the work abroad.

4 aoû 2013

CPMLM [F] - In defense of Chairman Gonzalo

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Chairman Gonzalo, imprisoned since 1992, in a Peruvian military jail, is deeply ill and his life is threatened. It is a moment of an extreme importance; the life of the great Maoist of these last thirty years is in danger.

Therefore, it is necessary to recall: to fight for Chairman Gonzalo means to fight for Communism! It is necessary to study Gonzalo and to apply his masterful understanding of the People's War, of the Thought, of dialectical materialism!

13 juil 2013

Deng Xiaoping's revisionism (4): Zha Ruqiang

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

As we have seen, the emergence of liberalism in the field of cosmology changed the situation for the Chinese revisionism. Indeed, the emergence of scientists in this frame opened by Chinese revisionism gave such an important contribution to the bourgeois open counter-revolution's ideology, that even the revisionist regime itself came in trouble.

Let's study more precisely this process.

2 juin 2013

The vehicle of science is not the proletariat, but the bourgeois intelligentsia: it was in the minds of individual members of this stratum that modern socialism originated, and it was they who communicated it to the more intellectually developed proletarians who, in their turn, introduce it into the proletarian class struggle where conditions allow that to be done.

23 mai 2013

Our values

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Nothing is indivisible ! The universe is eternal ! The law of the unity of opposites is the fundamental law of nature and of society and therefore also the fundamental law of thought!

12 mai 2013

When we look at history, when we see that life is matter in movement, then it is inevitable that we can see a contradiction between the search by each life of its own preservation and the necessity to put its own life in danger in the struggle for progress.

On one side, the general trend of revolution pushes the individual to action. On the other side, the individual is already living, he has a family, he has friends, a love relationship can have begun, kids are maybe already there, etc...

29 avr 2013

Did Akram Yari, the great historical Maoist of Afghanistan, founded the dialectical materialist approach of psychology? This is a very important question. There are many elements that can let us consider that it is the case. Let's go back to a sentence written by Akram Yari:

“Individual’s perpetuity is a cause of station and is a passive agent, but sacrifice for the [working] class is a dynamic and active agent.”

There is the need to comment further this sentence, as its ideological luxuriousness is extreme...

15 avr 2013

"The reform of consciousness consists entirely in making the world aware of its own consciousness, in arousing it from its dream of itself, in explaining its own actions to it (...) It will then become plain that the world has long since dreamed of something of which it needs only to become conscious for it to possess it in reality"

17 mar 2013

The question of Hugo Chávez in the ICM

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The death of Chavez has therefore not “caused” a new situation, but is a historical fact which is also a step in a process of transformation of the International Communist Movement. Ex Maoists supported Chavez and its "Socialism of the 21th century", so did the MCP of Italy or Odio de Clase. What does it reveal and what should the red line do ?

13 mar 2013

CPMLM - 400 years ago: the birth of André Le Nôtre

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

400 years ago, on March 12, 1613, was born André Le Nôtre, a major figure in the history of our people. As a gardener, he synthesized the national character to make French gardens. He expressed in the 17th century the French national feature which attaches a great value to the perspective and the affirmation of a geometric harmony...

21 fév 2013

What is the revolutionary path? Is it to manage the transformation of reality, to require it to be transformed in a revolutionary way? Or is it to follow the revolutionary nature of reality itself, to correspond to it? Adequacy must be our great concern, we must always correspond to the transformation of reality...

4 fév 2013

Maoism : the polemic launched by the PCE-CR (part 2)

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

2 weeks ago we produced a sum up of the positions taken by numerous parties and organizations, after the polemic launched by the Communist Party of Ecuador – Reconstruction Committee. As there were new positions taken, here is another sum up of them.

The position of the CPMLM [France]

On the 18th of January, the CPMLM [France] produced a short document called “CPMLM - On the polemic launched by the PCE-CR”.

29 Jan 2013

"At our epoch, Maoism, as Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, synthesis of the ideology of working class, can only exist as a guiding thought in each country, forging the avant-garde in correspondence with the inner contradiction of the country, unleashing People's War."

22 Jan 2013

During the absolute monarchy of Louis XIV, the highest form of literature was the tragedy. The French national psychic formation consists in psychodrama + symmetry, for which constitution the Greek tragedy was used as a tool for the production of ideological - cultural works...

13 Jan 2013

Dialectical materialism on homosexuality

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

What is the scientific point of view of dialectical materialism on homosexuality ? If it had not be formulated until yet, now it should be easy to see what it could or should be. Dialectical materialism recognizes homosexuality as a natural phenomenon, concerning a tiny part of the population, and it considers that there is nothing anti-social or counter-productive...

29 déc 2012

Once again they denounced the revisionist betrayal of the revolution in Nepal, they recognized the collapse the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement as leading center, rejecting the revisionist theory of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA that they led that movement to bankruptcy.

15 oct 2012

Gonzalo and Shakespeare

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Gonzalo understood what is art and had Shakespeare in high esteem. So, does his name come from Shakespeare's tempest, where a Gonzalo proposes a golden age, paraphrasing Montaigne ? And what do we have in this play? A Gonzalo making a famous political speech...

12 sep 2012

The historical strategic document of the Red Army Faction, in 1982. "The revolutionary strategy here is very simply a strategy against their strategy.
Whoever attacks their strategic plans or their concrete projects, whoever breaks the imperialist offensive in its internal or external orientation and whoever does so creates the consciousness that becomes the new resistance"...

7 juil 2012

"The electron is as inexhaustible as the atom, nature is infinite, but it infinitely exists. And it is this sole categorical, this sole unconditional recognition of nature’s existence outside the mind and perception of man that distinguishes dialectical materialism from relativist agnosticism and idealism."

30 juin 2012

CPMLM on homosexuality

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The dignity of reality teaches us that a minority of human beings is sexually attracted to the persons of the same sex – that is the sense of the word “homosexual”. This is a reality that can be denied and that must be respected.

12 mai 2012

Avicenna and Averroes: Giorgione's three philosophers

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Giorgione (1478 – 1510) was a great painter, as a Venetian Renaissance master, he produced a work that socialism will recognize as one the most important painting: the “three philosophers”. The painting depicts indeed, as the title says, three philosophers - among them, Averroes - and describes three stages: the Greek philosophy, that began science. The Arab-Persian culture, that continued it. And then Renaissance, that was continuing the process.

6 mai 2012

A look about what took place in Ecuador those last weeks. In this country, there is not even a bourgeois law against animal abuse in general. But a spark produced a wave of fire, with a scandal: dogs are used in military instruction. The pictures of soldiers holding a decapitated dog produced a strong moral reaction – a reaction that, for us, belongs to the people.

10 avr 2012

The problem of the old Greek materialism is that the universe was static, it has no movement, reality could not be observed and studied, because matter was all but had no movement, no sense itself. Whereas with Aristotelianism, universe is moving, even if only in circles, in a repetitive manner. So, it is possible to understand this.

Avicenna and Averroes went further than that. They push Aristotle's logic to a peak. As there was a primary cause to everything, then logically randomness became an impossibility. The door was open to understand the world as a whole system.
31 mar 2012

Is Merah “M” ?

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

“M”, a German movie directed by Fritz Lang, is what is called a « classical. » Let's see about a parallel that could be made with Merah. And let's see: Merah is not “M”; no “M” exists. Madness does not exist according to dialectical materialism: a “strange” thought is always the result of a material process, a product of society and nature.

20 mar 2012

The sense of Gonzalo's poetical prose

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Let's see here some important points about Gonzalo Thought. The first point is the origin of the poetical prose used by Gonzalo. It is here not a question of style; using poetical prose, he wanted to show that what he says, his mind, is a product of the movement of matter, not a product of his mind alone.

The second point is the subjectivist understanding of Gonzalo Thought, that brought a lot of problems on the practical level.
10 mar 2012

We saw that the conquest of space was theorized by Tsiolkovsky (see Life, Matter, the Universe, part 4: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, from the Biosphere to the Milky Way)) and that it was an important part of the communist conception of the universe. Unfortunately, it is the revisionists in the USSR who have benefited from these efforts; Tsiolkovsky itself will die long before the introduction of rockets he had planned.

And where some posters of the conquest of space are amazing, it is that they reflect the initial communist view, revisionism appropriating itself the “technical” prestige, but havint not yet completely erased, the cultural, ideological value of space exploration for communism.
6 mar 2012

editorial of foundation #1

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

“Foundation” is the expression of our understanding in France of dialectical materialism; it exists in two versions: a French one, an English one. The articles are a selection of the Milky Way website (voie-lactee.fr) and defend the point of view of the Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist, that can be resumed in “Nothing is indivisible”.
 “Nothing is indivisible” is the foundation of our ideology, dialectical materialism. An ideology that made the Russian and the Chinese revolutions, that promotes all over the world the emancipation of the oppressed masses. But also an ideology that is purely scientific, founded not on desires or wills, but on the dialectical movement of matter itself.

3 mar 2012

CPI(ML) Red Star's attack against Maoism

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)
Red Star is organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), an organization upholding Marxism-leninism and Mao Zedong, but rejecting Maoism and the Communist Party of India (Maoist).
The CPI(ML) is one of the important organizations of ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations), an “International” build around the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, violently anti-Maoist.
In number 26 – March 2012 of Red Star, one can read an article entitled “Our differences with the Maoist Trend: Genesis and Present Contradiction”. This article is an open aggression of the CPI(Maoist), but not only: it also attacks Maoists in imperialist countries.
27 fév 2012

So, what are thoughts? Thought is a sense. Thoughts are, like senses, matter connected to matter. Thought is a very high development of matter interconnected; the mind is the place where the movement of matter is reflected, through gray matter. Spinoza and La Mettrie were right, as materialists, to conceive the human body as a natural machine.

23 fév 2012

Mao Zedong understood that if dialectics is universal, then it is correct to understand the macro-world and the micro-world themselves as dialectical process... Then the origin of life, exactly like the structure of elementary particles, must be understood also as dialectical process....

And so, there is nothing that is indivisible... Each time, scientists come to another layer, like if the universe was an infinite onion.
20 fév 2012

Our great leader Chairman Mao points out: "All things invariably divide into two." "The law of contradiction in things, that is, the law of the unity of opposites, is the basic law of materialist dialectics." (On Contradiction.)

This scientific thesis of Chairman Mao's profoundly expresses the objective law of things and penetratingly expounds the core of materialist dialectics. 
1 fév 2012

One month ago, on the 26th of December 2011, was published the joint document « THE INTERNATIONAL UNITY OF THE COMMUNISTS REQUIRES THE DEFEAT OF REVISIONISM AND CENTRISM! »
We believe this was a great step forward. Centrism, which switches ever in opportunism and revisionism, suffered a severe blow. Already, it tries to transform itself.

27 Jan 2012

Political economy is very extremely precise concerning the definition of a country. The development of the productive forces of the countries of the world is not uniform, it is not balanced; for this reason, some countries are more advanced than others, and differences exist among them.

10 Jan 2012

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935) is the founder of cosmonautics; he's the one who expressed first the principles of the space rocket. In 1926 – in Soviet Russia – he elaborated the map for the colonization of the universe in 16 stages...

5 Jan 2012
http://lesmaterialistes.com/english/question-bengali-nation-splitThe question of Bengal is a case that is very near from the German question, the German countries splitting in two nations: Germany and Austria. Basically, in history Bengal was cut in two parts, sharing the same language, but divided in what concerns the main ideology, which was, at this feudal time, religion.
Because of this and following the Marxist definition of nation, the separation of West and East Bengal is more near to the Germany/Austria split than to the West/East Germany separation of 1945-1989.
Let's see here how did the Bengali people evolve.
30 déc 2011

According to dialectical materialism, living systems i.e. biological systems are directly issued from chemical systems, and are still chemical systems. Their movement corresponds to the movement of matter – and so, the question is: why does that kind of movement exist? As dialectical materialists, the question “why does it exist?” is the same as “How does it exist?”, because following the law of transformation, what exists is a logical conclusion of a process; there is no matter that transforms itself “by chance.”

24 déc 2011

For us dialectical materialists, asking what is life is finding the origin of all living cells from non-living matter. Life is matter in movement, it is “just” a highly developed form of matter in movement.

There are no basic differences, at the chemical levels, between “dead” matter and “living” matter. Of course, the dignity of reality makes that we must morally make a difference, what bourgeois thinking is unable to do, with all its animal experiments.
But to understand the process that makes life appear, it is not possible to put a Chinese wall between “dead” matter and “living” matter.
4 déc 2011

The revisionists: a tradition of copying and faking

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

It seems that revisionist are so bad in political economy that they are not able to formulate even a joint statement about the murder of the indian maoist leader Koteshwar Rao alias Kishenji.
As we can see here in a easy manner, the « joint statement » promoted by the revisionists calling themselves “Maoists” is on many points a direct copy of the joint statement made by the PCMLM of France and the Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Maoist Unity Group)/Bangladesh.
What a shame! What a shame to copy a statement of others organizations to express sadness ! What a total lack of dignity ! What an opportunism !

1 déc 2011

CPMLM - Document 13 (On Lynn Margulis)

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Born on the 5 of march 1938 in Chicago, Lynn Margulis deceased on the 22th of November 2011 ; historical figure of science, she will become in the next decades a symbol like Copernic, Newton, Einstein. Lynn Margulis is a great figure of humanity, she will remains as a titan of the second part of the 20th century. When dialectical materialism will be seized by humankind in the biosphere, her immense contribution will be recognized for its value.

28 nov 2011

India's importance can not be stressed enough; as Mao Zedong did it himself:
« One day a free India will appear in the world as a member of the great family of socialism and People's Democracies, just as free as China has.
That day shall end the epoch of imperialism and reaction in the history of humanity. »

24 nov 2011

The sorelian approach of centrists in the ICM

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The struggle against centrism has shown difficulties, for two reasons that have the same origin. The first reason is that the centrists quite never take position on the fields of political economy. The second reason is that they never answer to the content of the criticism made of them. Those two reasons have the same orign: the sorelian way.

20 nov 2011

Basanta, a “red fraction” serving the bourgeoisie

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The 18th of november, « Basanta », an important member of the so called « red fraction » in Nepal, published a document called « The tasks of the ongoing Central Committee meeting. »
He expresses in it the general point of view of the so called « red fraction » in the present situation; let's take a look at it, to see if we find or not the revisionist theses that we can expect.

20 sep 2011

Dealing with the nuclear crisis in Japan in a previous article [in french : Face au nucléaire, il faut redevenir les enfants du soleil!], we talked about the “Kardashev scale”, and explained that human civilization needed to make a step, going from a « type I civilization” to a “type I civilization.”

As we are the first to say that it helps understanding the socialist revolutionary process on Earth, and as we think it is very important, let’s talk again about it, to stress the importance of it, for our conception of the Earth, humanity and the milky way itself.
20 sep 2011

We communists are partisan of Einstein (and of general relativity), and not of quantum mechanics, scientific vision that is the mirror of the bourgeoisie’s intellectual conception.
If understanding all the details of this ideological conflict is most of the time difficult, it is indeed very easy to understand the issue : on one side, there is the synthetic vision, that considers that the movement of matter is organized (and understandable), and on the other, there is the statistical reading of the world, founded on a separated vision of « individuals. »

18 sep 2011

The tactic of class against class defined by our VIIth Congress and tested in France during four years of economic or political struggles will be firmly applied by the whole of the Party during the course of this electoral campaign.

The responsible organisms of the Party, from the cells up to the Political Bureau, will be on the alert so that there nowhere re-occur the defections and compromises with the Socialist, or even the Radical party, as occurred in certain regions in 1928.

18 sep 2011

We must ask: what are the real reasons that, for quite a while, have connected a faction of the Trotskyists and the PSU?

These affinities led directly to Charléty. [1]

And since it doesn’t seem there has been the least autocritique on this point — like on so many others — we have a right to ask questions of ourselves and of others.

18 sep 2011

Everyone feels that we are on the eve of even tougher confrontations with power.

This is true: the workers’ struggle against the bosses’ dictatorship is more lively than ever.

And in the background of each struggle there is an even stronger consciousness of the antagonism between the proletariat and capitalist authority. This is the most tangible result and conquest of May.

The monetary crisis of November powerfully contributed to revealing the weakness of the adversary.

18 sep 2011


France’s Minister of the Interior made several attempts to shut down the Gauche Prolétarienne’s newspaper, La cause du Peuple. The party leader, Alain Geismar, was about to go on trial in October, 1970, one of a series of trials of leaders of the GP and editors of the newspaper.

In defying the Marcellin Law [1], which intends to forbid demonstrations and to put an end to the freedom to protest, Alain Geismar shows the path of honor.

Ever since the barricades of 68 he has said to the worker:

18 sep 2011

After our « proletarian syndicalist » detour we had to accept the evidence: In order to set ourselves apart from the reviso-reformists it’s not enough to have new and tough forms of action, if we keep the same syndicalist spirit, or the same isolated demands taken from the program of the CGT.

18 sep 2011

The nights of rebellion continue. A popular rebellion taking aim at the State, which is completely overwhelmed by what was easy to see coming.

But even if you see it coming, a popular rebellion cannot be crushed, for history is the history of class struggle.

18 sep 2011

The Decision to Impose Curfews and the Prefects

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

[Prime Minister] de Villepin has decided not to call in the army (« We’re not at that point yet »), but intends to re-establish order by all means that the police can offer: « at ever step we will take the necessary measures to re-establish order very quickly throughout the nation. »

To do this he needs a curfew, so that the police should have the means necessary to act like a military force and treat civilians like enemies.

18 sep 2011

The three-month extension of the State of emergency is proof that the long march to people »s power has begun.

It is also proof that those who did not dare open their mouths prior to the State of Emergency do not want a protracted people »s rebellion, a revolutionary long march.

18 sep 2011

[This document is an excerpt of the document with the same title. The beginning presents the situation in Bangladesh - from the economic situation to the huge strike of may-june of the year, with 4.000 factories on strike, till the arsenic-rich water drunk by people because of the UNO "work". Here the end of the document, dealing with Yunus and the principle of microcredit.]

25 aoû 2006

In the world today, revolution is confronting counterrevolution.

In the imperialist centers, everything is monitored and calmed down, neutralized by the pressure put on the masses in order to isolate the revolutionnaries; the organizations having upholded that "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" have been hunted down and annihilated, militarily and ideologically, in a very accurate way in order to avoid any spreading.

23 avr 2006

In a press statement on April 22, Prachanda did say that :

"In the historic period of today, when people's republican movement has been marching towards its climax, our party again appeals specially the soldiers of "royal" army and police to display real patriotism by standing on the side of the people and against the national traitor & feudal butcher. The feudal butcher's defeat and people's victory is imminent and assured."

20 fév 2006

Prachanda, follower of modern revisionism (2006)

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

At the occasion of the 10th birthday of People's War initiation in Nepal, Prachanda granted an interview to the reactionary newspaper "The Hindu", which published it on February 10.

Prachanda explains there at length the new positions of the CP of Nepal (Maoist), which go against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, as Prachanda himself recognizes : "We feel we have contributed to the ideological development of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism."

28 oct 2005

The Revolution in Nepal is better and better known all over the world, the hope is great to see it triumphing.

Initiated on February 13, 1996, People's War has kept expanding.

The freed areas consist of almost all Nepal, there are even great projects in progress like the construction of a main road Nuwagaun - Thawang - Chunwang.

The moment is historical. Will Revolution dare to triumph?

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