18 Jan 2013

CPMLM - 31 - On the polemic launched by the PCE-CR

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The PCE-CR (Communist Party of Ecuador – Reconstruction Committee) launched a polemic in the International Communist Movement (ICM), about two questions: the historical value of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) and the content of Maoism.

We understand the importance of the issue. Nevertheless, when we study the history of the RIM, we see that it played only a historical role when it was influenced by the Communist Party of Peru and the Peru's People Movement.

At its foundation, the RIM defended Mao Zedong, but so did also organizations isolated in the world, like in Bangladesh, in India, in Turkey. It was through the progress of the People's War in Peru that the RIM gained a signification.

So when we take a look at the RIM, we should see the People's War in Peru that made it significant, and when we take a look at the People's War in Peru, we should see what made it significant, and it is the thought.

To paraphrase the definition of socialist realism, a thought is socialist in its content and national in its form. Therefore, we think that the main key to make the World Proletarian Revolution go forward, is to forge thought in each country.

Basically, we can see that the RIM did not help at this level; Maoism exists today only in a few countries, and mostly as the result of the impulse of the Great Cultural Proletarian Revolution in China, with individuals transforming themselves in tools for the thought (Gonzalo, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, Siraj Sikder, Akram Yari, etc.).

Because of this, we are afraid that the evaluation made by the PCE-CR of some phenomena misses important point. For example, when the PCE-CR criticizes the Spanish collective Odio del Clase as “eclectic”, we think it doesn't reach the substance of the problem, the internal contradiction, which consists in the specific situation of dialectical materialism in Spain.

We find much less shocking, for example, that Odio del Clase gives salute to a non Maoist Organization, being influenced by the antifascist struggle and the popular front culture existing in Spain, than the fact that it never has spoken about the dramatic torture of the Galgo dogs, a torture expressing much about Spanish society.

In the same way, even if the UOC(MLM) in Colombia is wrong with their conception that its country is capitalist, the question of the evolution of agriculture in this country (or Brazil for example) must be deeply studied.

What we are afraid of is that the expression of positions do not take a productive direction, that criticisms that can be made take in general a cosmopolitan form, and this is the last thing we need.

We think it would be better to make an agenda with a list of topics and ask from very organization a small document summarizing its conception, for example each three months.

A last point is that we are afraid of subjectivism. We do not think that a two line struggle can be enacted from above, or that is possible to accelerate a process, or to transform nature according the will, like it was thought unfortunately in the USSR during the construction of socialism, or in Popular China at its beginning.

The dialectical movement of eternal matter follows a pace that we must strictly accompany, reflecting it suitably we shall always succeed.

We hope that all genuine Maoists shall accept the complexity of reality, its dignity, accepting that the road is sinuous, never forgetting the future is bright.

Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist
France, January 2013