24 avr 2017

Vote for Emmanuel Macron to temporary block Marine Le Pen

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

What is fascism? Is it a gangrene, a reactionary trend carried by the most reactionary element, moving the cursor always more to the right?

Or is a qualitative leap modifying entirely the state, the institutions, even the economy?

France is at a turning point and the question arises now, as Marine Le Pen has a very strong success, being with 21,7% of the votes, at the second round of the French presidential election.

A decision must be made. The ultra-left has decided itself, like the candidates Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Arthaud ; they didn't call to stop Marine Le Pen.

They don't think that there is a fascist threat; they consider Marine Le Pen as a unsignifican puppet.

Is it correct? Has Marine Le Pen of the Front National to be considered only as a reactionary and as an opportunist, unable to change in a significant way the state, the institutions, the hegemonic ideology in society, etc.?

Lien vers le dossier : Trotskysmes et néo-socialismes françaisOr is she the expression of a contradiction in the bourgeoisie itself, with mainly two fractions, where one is in favor of what is historically called fascism?

The question is so the following : is the classical communist analysis of fascism valid, or not?

We think that it is and therefore it is necessary to take the democratic aspect as the main one.

Marine Le Pen, it is corporatism, nationalism and war. Fascism is the main threat et it is necessary to do all the possible to brake it, to stop it, to defeat it.

We know that such position is not the one of the Anarchists and the Trotskyists (and there is to see here that Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Arthaud are or were Trotskyists).

But their conception of a “permanent revolution” is meaning less and wrong, for being irrational, without a program, negating democracy.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Emmanuel Macron has to be trusted. This can not be the case.

With 23,9% at the first election of his life, when he didn't have even a party some months ago, Emmanuel Macron carried an anti-démocratic coup.

He was stylized by different media, sponsored by some ultra-rich, to represent ultra-liberalism.

Emmanuel Macron means Europe as market, the individual as center of society, the company as motor of history.

It means the legalization of all anti-social forms, like surrogacy, the production and the consumption of cannabis, the negation of all natural forms like man and woman, all in the name of the choice of the individual.

Lien vers le protail : Front Populaire / Démocratie populaireThere would be no national history, no questions of civilization, all would be defined by the individual.

It is pure capitalism, the complete negation of collectivity; it is the post-modernist ideology who claims “rights” to negate communism.

If there is no category any more, only the individual, the particular, then there is neither universal nor universe.

We can imagine what such post-modernism would help fascism. It is easy to think how fascism will know to spread its demagogy against Emmanul Macron, former investment banker and student of the Ecole nationale d'Administration, ENA.

It shall be a race. But this race can only happen, if fascism is braked now.

That's why it is necessary to vote for Emmanuel Macron to temporary block Marine Le Pen.