30 juin 2012

CPMLM on homosexuality

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)


« Oh come my rose sky, oh come my blond basket!
Visit your prisoner condemned in the night
rip into flesh, kill, climb, bite
but come! Place your cheek
against my round head.

We haven't yet finished speaking of love
we haven't yet finished smoking our cigs
we wonder why the Courts condemn
a murderer so beautiful
he pales the day. »

Jean Genet - The Prisoner Condemned to Death

Our position about homosexuality is very clear and easy to understand, as it is a democratic question that can only be understood through dialectical materialism.

The dignity of reality teaches us that a minority of human beings is sexually attracted to the persons of the same sex – that is the sense of the word “homosexual”. This is a reality that can be denied and that must be respected.

Homosexuality is a natural phenomena; it is neither the product of society, nor a lifestyle. It is a reality lived by millions of human beings, a reality denied by society from the ancient time where matriarchy was overthrown through the process of agriculture and domestication of animals.

Therefore, the CPMLM is for the full recognition of this reality; heterosexuals and homosexuals should have the same rights in society. We refute the theory that homosexuality is not natural because not “productive” as non materialist, as it is seeing things through the individual aspect, instead of taking in account humanity as a whole.

Nevertheless, we must note that homosexuality is not “revolutionary” in itself. It is a material reality, a harsh reality for the people enduring oppression because of it, but not the main aspect of human societies.

The oppression of homosexuals is the consequence of patriarchy, of the process of “apparent” domination of nature by men, after the harmonious relationship of humanity with nature at the time of matriarchy.

For this reason, homosexual relationships between men have also been used by patriarchy as a way to promote a spirit of oppression and tribal war (in ancient Greece, in the Nazi SA movement, in modern football hooliganism, etc.).

In the same way, homosexual relationships between women also have been sometimes used by imperialism since the 1970's to promote sectarianism and split the construction of the unity of the broad masses.

Nowadays, we can even see some sectors of the bourgeoisie promoting a form of “homosexual lifestyle”, based on ultra-individualism. Careerism, cult of youth and strength, denial of the sense of social responsibility, sexual consumerism... are values which imperialism promotes to a fake gay and lesbian liberation.

This is why the “gay pride” is promoted even in the pentagon; this is why the most modern US universities use reactionary French ideologues like Foucault and Derrida to promote the queer ideology, a reactionary ideology negating the natural reality of human beings.

Against the queer ideology, Karl Marx' Manuscripts of 1844 are a powerful weapon, a call in defense of the natural reality of the humans.

For the same reason, the theory that a human being can have a mind disconnected of the body, being a man in a woman body and conversely, is a mere negation of dialectical materialism, which considers the mind as gray matter, as the reflect of reality.

Trans-gender is an American imperialist conception based on French bourgeois philosophy, which since Descartes separates formally body and mind. It is merely decadent, and a deadly attack against feminism and the duty to struggle against bourgeois stereotypical division of labor, as it jumbles real capitalist stereotypes (like the gun as toy for male kids, etc.) with a petty bourgeois conspiracy conception of a hetero-patriarchal plot.

Because of this, the CPMLM calls the gay and the lesbian to struggle against capitalism that want to misuse their realities to re-impulse capitalism and promote an ultra-individualist way of life.

The gay and lesbian liberation can only exist with socialism, because socialism affirms the natural reality of human beings.

The recognition of the natural reality of gay and lesbian people is the key to liberation; bourgeois recognition is manipulation and an elaboration of ghettos used by capitalism, like all the tendency in the French gay and lesbian community those last 20 years shows it.

The formation of gay and lesbian “ghettos” may have positive aspect on some points of everyday life, but it is not a solution, because this capitalist solution is directed to re-impulse capitalism and only “works” for rich and young men and women.

Gay and lesbian bourgeois marriage is not liberation, it is only a way to re-impulse bourgeois marriage, which is the contrary of socialist lasting couples, based on equality, authenticity, true romance.

For a real blossomed life, on all levels and also in the old age, it is socialism that is needed!

Gay and Lesbian, in the spirit of Jean Genet, join the call for total liberation, join the CPMLM!