14 nov 2015

November 13 attacks : Reject the murderers and let's protect the spirit of Charlie !

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Our country was again the witness of the feudal criminal insanity. For the first time since our Wars of Religion, in the 16th century, and the sadly famous Dragonnades of the 17th century, people have been murdered collectively in the name of religion.

In the city of Paris, in an area full of nightlife, people had to throw sheets from theirs windows to hide the dead bodies. At least 120 people were killed, hundred others wounded, in a series of armed attacks against bars and a concert hall, with three bombings in the area of a football stadium, all of this in the name of religion, with several kamikazes : this is not understandable in our country having made a democratic revolution.

The murderers having attacked innocent people on the streets of Paris yesterday, on the 14th of November 2015, are trying to bring us back to the middle ages, considering that Progress and Enlightenment should disappear and be erased by an anti-capitalist romanticism.

But it is impossible to turn back the wheel of history. The French people has made the experience of sectarian civil wars and surpassed firstly through the absolute monarchy and afterwards with Enlightenment, the Bourgeois Republic. A step of unification was made and it can't regress.

Thats is why the French people as a whole has shown on the streets and in their hearts, after the shooting at Charlie hebdo headquarters in January of this year, that it rejects this spirit of sectarian murders. It was also then a genuine wave of rejection of antisemitism : at last ceased the silence that reigned at the time of the killings of Merah at a Jewish school in Toulouse.

If the “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”) movement in January was full of weakness and certainly ingenuous, not to say naive, it represented a democratic sense of sociability. It even appeared again, yesterday, with #PortesOuvertes (#OpenDoors), with people inviting those fleeing the streets of the killings to come to theirs homes.

This is a democratic reaction, in the line of “Je suis Charlie”. It refuses fake divisions, it promotes a democratic sense of solidarity, a logic of universality. It is naive of course as it does not understand the capitalist decadence, its cultural decomposition, the role of class divisions, but this is democratic heritage coming from our history.

And we know how post-modernism, an ultra-liberal vision of the world, tries to suppress this democratic national heritage. Feudalism and imperialism are both nihilistic.

We say that each country has its democratic journey and its legacy to defend, to progress in terms of democratic culture and scientific values ; one day all these democratic elements in the world will merge, giving birth to a unified humankind, living in harmony with the Biosphere and developing arts and sciences, spreading life through the space conquest.

This is the substance of the world socialist revolution ; as says it our joint document for the First of May 2015 : “Understand and fight the demons of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism !”.

Therefore, despite or precisely because of the weakness of “Je suis Charlie” movement, it is something that must be now protected, against the reactionary attacks carried by Marine Le Pen's Front National (and its allies of the ultra left discarding it in the name of “radicality”).

Philippe de Villiers, a reactionary in competition with Marine Le Pen, already gave his opinion : “Huge drama Paris, that's where drives us here we drove laxity and the mosqueization of France”.

There will be numerous others attacks against the democratic spirit, trying to justify imperialist “modernity”, to promote racist divisions among the masses in our country and the world, to justify the strengthening of the bourgeois military apparatus. This is unavoidable, as rotting capitalism tends inevitably to the power of the monopolies and imperialist wars.

To have a genuine democracy, a people's democracy, it is necessary to crush the imperialist forces – mainly the upper bourgeoisie and the monopolies – exactly like in the semi-feudal semi-colonial countries it is necessary to crush the feudal forces and bureaucratic capitalism.

The irruption of feudal murderers in an imperialist country is the expression of the crisis that is living our epoch, of the collapse of the capitalist mode of production in the imperialist countries and its feudal-bureaucratic form in the oppressed countries. This is a spiral of auto-destruction, that must overthrow through the spiral of progress, of socialism, of communism.