7 oct 2013

CPMLM[F] - Document 43 - On comrade Mohammad Abul Motin

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Dear comrades of the Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist of Bangladesh, please accept here our red condolences, after the death of a heart attack of your comrade Mohammad Abul Motin.

We understand that he was of a particular significance for you and for the revolutionary struggle of the masses of Bangladesh. We know how a human can carry such an importance, when he's full of self-abnegation, full of the understanding of the necessity to serve the people.

As you explained:

“During 72-75, in his boyhood, he was merged in the program of Proletarian Party of East Bengal (PBSP). in 1975, he was arrested by the state force. After being in jail for long eight years, he was set free in 1983.

In early 90s, he actively joined the Revolutionary Workers Movement, a Maoist mass organization. He led succesful land seizure struggle by the landless peasantry in different villages at the outskirt of Mymensingh.

When in 90s, revisionist line became dominant in Maoist parties and mass organizations, he waged ceaseless struggle against that till his death. During the preparatory stage of formation of CPMLM, he along with us, held high the banner of Siraj Sikder Thought, and played a vigorous role in regaining mass base in those villages.”

This shows that comrade Mohammad Abul Motin was present along all those years, on the forefront, in the revolutionary struggle, that he always was able to follow the red line, to see the tasks he had to grasp.

For this reason, as you explained, he carried the future, the positive aspect:

“As a leader among the workers and landless peasants, he was much popular. His politeness, simple life leading and struggling spirit used to attract all, especially students and young people used to find an ideal.

The elderly people also used to show huge respect to him. He embraced a lot of sufferings. Better to say, he was the poorest person in Bangladesh, and all these for an ideology.

Among the leftist leaders and cadres, he was an acceptable leader. He was respected to all in Mymensingh city. He used to write articles regularly. He wrote a poetry book entitle “Save dream of the dreamless”.

He suffered from illness for a long period of time. Our party carried the expenses of his medical treatment for some period of time, but couldn’t continue due to serious financial crisis. If we could continue, he would not have died early.”

This all proves that comrade Mohammad Abul Motin was carrying the revolutionary fire, that he was full of the understanding that permits to overcome the difficulties and to find the way to be useful to the masses and the revolution.

Such comrades are the best comrades, nothing can stop them. And even if he died from illness, he is immortal, because we will continue his work, we will continue to raise the red flag of People's War until Communism.

Comrade Mohammad Abul Motin won't be forgotten! Comrades, even if miles and miles separate us, in Bangladesh and France, we merge in the world revolutionary process where guiding thoughts are produced in each country, where we all be together in the World Socialist Republic.

Dear comrades of the Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist Bangladesh, the death of comrade Mohammad Abul Motin is something hard, hard as your situation in the front of the enemy, hard as the suffering of the masses.

But we know that this comes from the fact that no compromise is made with opportunism, that you understand that the red future is growing already in the present.

For this reason, we say: comrade Mohammad Abul Motin doesn't belong to the past, but to the future!

We salute him and Siraj Sikder Thought!

All the monsters shall be defeated!

Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist of France

October 2013