21 mar 2012

Antisemitism as reactionary weapon against dialectical materialism

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

Reactionary thought is irrational and refuses dialectical materialism. In its struggle against it, it uses the weapon of antisemitism, because antisemitism is an anti-capitalist romanticism. Jewish people are assimilated to money, and money is shown as the abstract enemy of the community.

Jewish people are presented with the same characteristics as money: everywhere and nowhere, that can be seen and invisible, and so, as abstract.

Jewish people as an abstraction - this is the key of the propaganda of “jewish bolshevism”.

Irrational bourgeois thought can NOT admit conceptualization. Because conceptualization means materialism, and in our epoch, it means dialectical materialism.

For this reason, in bourgeois thought, conceptualization means abstraction, means dialectical materialism, means jewish people.

When the nazis in Germany used the slogan “The Jew is our misfortune” (“Der Jude ist unser Unglück”), used first at the end of the 19th century, they promoted a “national community” that was purged from abstraction, and so would be “socialist”.

This is still true today. The reactionary thought assimilates, in an unavoidable way, “jewish bolshevism” and abstraction.

When someone comes in a jewish religious school and kill children, like it happened in this middle of march 2012, it is a pure nazi act.

An act against jewish people, against the religious aspect, against abstraction, against conceptualization, against dialectical materialism.

The picture below, showing a religious mystic jew understanding god through books (i.e. the mystical texts of the “kabbalah”), is exactly how bourgeois thought sees “jewish bolshevism”.


It is not difficult to understand that when italian pseudo maoists, who talk already of the zionist reactionary state of Israel as “nazi sionist” (which is totally irrelevant), who let nazi comments on his blog (maoist road), talk of us as “existing only on the internet”, they attack us as “abstraction”.

This reveals their character, their anti-theoretical character, their populist approach, their trade-unionist line (see also: The sorelian approach of centrists in the ICM).

Because “revolutionary syndicalism” is historically a very important enemy of dialectical materialism; the “Reflexions on violence” by the french Georges Sorel are a very important reactionary document, that helped a lot the birth of fascism as anti-capitalist romanticism.

Reaction has no choice than struggle in the most bitter way against dialectical materialism, and so against any systematic conceptualization, and so against “abstraction”, agaisnt “jewish bolshevism”.

This is a very important lesson learnt from the first part of the 20th century.