1 fév 2012

CPMLM - Document 17 (one month after the 26.12.2011 joint document)

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

One month ago, on the 26th of December 2011, was published the joint document « THE INTERNATIONAL UNITY OF THE COMMUNISTS REQUIRES THE DEFEAT OF REVISIONISM AND CENTRISM! »

We believe this was a great step forward. Centrism, which switches ever in opportunism and revisionism, suffered a severe blow. Already, it tries to transform itself.

The day before yesterday it supported the Prachanda path as “non-dogmatic.” Yesterday, it supported a “red fraction” in Nepal. Today, it claims to have actually supported the emergence of a red fraction.

However, it will not change anything. Politically, centrism is beaten. It tries to hide behind the Indian revolution to escape his fate. History will end by itself to the latter maneuver.

Remains to the Communists to focus on the practical issues: how to move forward now?

Here we must acknowledge the organizations that have made the effort to comment the joint statement, even if sometimes it consisted of a criticism in solidarity, but tough. This is beneficial, it's good to make the debate move forward. Moreover, we believe that a truly international journal of debate is necessary, based on the contributions of the ones and others.

We would also welcome more specifically the efforts of the Communist Party of Ecuador for its long document consisting of notes on the struggle against centrism. Is exactly what we need: views developed, seeking to raise the ideological level, to pave the way for construction.

We greatly appreciate this approach to systematic knowledge. The establishment of a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist encyclopedia, presenting the fundamentals of our ideology, is a very important goal according to us.

But we want to emphasize here an important point. This process can not be based on the “wil", it should be a reflection of the material basis.

As we know, our all-powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, is the synthesis of our own material reality. This is a great first step. But the second big step is that after this ideological condensation, we act on the matter, as required by it over its contradictions, that we practice revolutionary politics.

Here, we believe that those who have not signed the declaration of 26.12.2011 did not make a proper political process, even though ideologically they understood the essence of the question.

Considering that People's War is universal, it is just ideologically. But politically, for this to be meaningful within a nation, we must study the national situation, understand the contradictions, resolved them in accordance with the requirements of the uprising of the material.

Is centrism opposed to this process? Yes, and therefore it would have been politically correct to reject it. Otherwise, it makes of ideology a simple individual “choice”, subjectivism.

We want to note here that, unfortunately, the Communist Party of Ecuador did not understand that in his long and interesting work.

The political, material dimension is denied to the benefit of subjective choices that have to be correct. And it comes to absurdities. Let's consider four examples:

a) the Communist Party of Ecuador asked the Communist Party of the Philippines to change its centrist politics in international relations by taking the example of Ecuador, while it has been more than 30 years that the Communist Party of the Philippines is pragmatic its international relations.

The Communist Party of the Philippines has even founded a magazine in the 1990s, called “Vanguard”, with the MLM organizations in India and the TKP / ML of Turkey, advocating in it precisely centrism and pragmatism.

The Communist Party of Ecuador expresses here itself in a disconnected manner from the real nature of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

b) the Communist Party of Ecuador considers that the collective “Odio of Clase” of the Spanish State is too porous to cubano-guevarism, which is incorrect for a website assuming Maoism.

Ideologically, this criticism sounds true, we must study it, Odio of Clase has to check that. But politically, everyone knowing the Spanish State is aware that anti-imperialism is extremely impetuous, particularly voluntary. Even if wrong, as an expression of class, it has the merit of the dignity of reality.

In his criticism, the Communist Party of Ecuador has missed the reality of the Spanish State. By denying this, ideological criticism becomes unproductive political attitude, rude and inappropriate.

c) the Communist Party of Ecuador is sweeping in a few lines the considerations of the UOC-MLM of Colombia concerning the existence of capitalism in Colombia.

This is simply not serious to criticize in a few lines where the UOC-MLM presents his views in lengthy analysis. Especially when we know that politically, the UOC-MLM has decided to deal with Prachanda.

It is possible to make criticism of the UOC-MLM and we do it: we also do not understand their lack of understanding the universality of the People's War, which should be obvious to Maoists. But we have no right to practice a cosmopolitan criticism unrelated to political reality.

d) Finally, and this is something important here for us, who have rejected Prachanda in 2006.

It should be said clearly: the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) is dead since long, if it ever existed organically.

No one ever really knew who was in the Committee of the RIM, or even in the RIM, no Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization has been built under the guidance of RIM, and Maoism put forward by the RIM on a non-scientific basis has even allowed a bunch of opportunists to claim it.

RIM has even literally cast Maoism in the countries of Europe and North America by an intense propaganda against the war of partisans in the imperialist countries.

The idea of ​an expanded conference of RIM is nothing else than a scam to us, that we categorically refuse. If there has been actually a red fraction in the RIM, it would have done its job since a long time, as in Nepal, and we would not be in this situation!

Finally and in conclusion, we also want to note an indicative error in the document iof the Communist Party of Ecuador, where it is stated that:

“In the matter of philosophy, Mao Zedong systematizes the law of contradiction as the most fundamental law of dialectics, while the others laws such as the negation of the negation are subordinated to the law of contradiction and turn around as satellites, namely the law of contradiction is the chassis and engine of the truck of dialectical materialist philosophy, while others laws of other accessories elements.”

This is incorrect: according to Mao Zedong, the law of the unity of opposites is the only law. There is no negation of the negation, and the transformation of quantity into quality (and vice versa) is the unity of opposites.

If we specify this, it is due to that it is related ro centrism: wanting to “preserve” the RIM is necessarily based on the principle of “negation of negation”, on the formal principle of setting milestones and overcome them. And it is denying the motion of matter, on behalf of an idea meant to control the course of the matter: it is subjectivism.

This is exactly the same problem there with the idealistic attitude of the Communist Party of Ecuador with the Communist Party of the Philippines, the UOC-MLM of Colombia or the “Odio of Clase” collective of the Spanish State.

Ideological criticism is mapped onto a political reality, formally, and in the name of the negation of the negation meant to achieve a new level.

But the fight against centrism is politically done - even if it is the ideology that is at the command post. We can only call the organizations that have not signed the declaration of 26/12/2011 to engage politically, without which the ideology is still away from its material realization at that point. They must be brochures collecting and comparing the views! There should be an international journal of MLM debate! There should be publications summarizing the experiences and practical studies!

Let's generalize the dialectical materialist understanding of the transformation of eternal matter, moving towards luminous communism!

Forward in the culture and civilization against the decadence of dying capitalism! Let us face climate change by world revolution!

Uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism: people's war until communism!