1 déc 2011

CPMLM - Document 13 (On Lynn Margulis)

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

This first of December 2011, humanity lives a new month, but with a terrible loss : the one of Lynn Margulis.

Born on the 5 of march 1938 in Chicago, Lynn Margulis deceased on the 22th of November 2011 ; historical figure of science, she will become in the next decades a symbol like Copernic, Newton, Einstein.

Margulis rejected neo-Darwinism,she has been a tireless fighter, saying that the symbiosis is the method used by life to get more complex. Assuming the materialist position, Margulis was a tireless promoter of the work of Vernadsky, pushing ever forward the understanding of the biosphere.

Margulis is the key to restore the dialectical materialism in the question of biology, after the errors caused by the revisionists in the Soviet Union. Margulis give the means to understand human beings as chemical compositions assembled by a series of symbioses.

Here, there is a vision perfectly dialectical materialist; life is fusion, development, life is matter in motion in the synthesis, to complete the synthesis: communism.

Lynn Margulis is a great figure of humanity, she will remains as a titan of the second part of the 20th century. When dialectical materialism will be seized by humankind in the biosphere, her immense contribution will be recognized for its value.