13 mar 2013

CPMLM - 400 years ago: the birth of André Le Nôtre

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

400 years ago, on March 12, 1613, was born André Le Nôtre, a major figure in the history of our people. As a gardener, he synthesized the national character to make the French gardens, especially at the Palace of Versailles, at the château of Vaux-le-Vicomte and the one of Chantilly.

Besides the illustrious playwright Jean Racine, he expressed in the 17th century the French national feature which attaches a great value to the perspective and the affirmation of a geometric harmony. The contribution of the French spirit to the world culture, that shall unify in socialism worldwide, is this requirement of rationality and equilibrium.

The work of André Le Nôtre is typical of the French national spirit and in this sense it inevitably has two aspects, one of which must be supported, and the other must be overcome.

The submission of a nature by an abstract idealism has been an error, characteristic of the bourgeois world conception, which appropriated the reality rationally at the time, but denying the dignity of reality.

For this reason, the beauty of French gardens does not have the charm of English gardens, where thought follows the natural sensual experience; in the same way, there is what concerns the plants a fundamental misunderstanding of the biosphere as a totality and the natural character of human existence.

It is this trend that will make go over the taste of France classic French gardens to move the reactionary celebration of landscapes of the “terroir” (i.e. the local soil).

Socialism assumes on the other side the positive aspect of the work of André Le Nôtre. It understands that is here formulated the taste of gardens expressed with great complexity, as well as the French spirit whose approach is to question everything to build step by step in a rational manner.

This posed and rational approach is the great French national feature and André Le Nôtre is one of the greatest cultural figures in the history of our country.

How shall socialism assume in France the legacy made by André Le Nôtre to the masses, expression of the national construction in our country?

Socialism asserts that each people's commune will manage its small-scale garden, landscaping and shaping it in a ever more refined manner; the gardens all different will provide a healthy intellectual and natural competition.

The study of the works of André Le Nôtre shall be recognized as a national heritage and should be in the curriculum; the gardens will be a cause of national span, as contribution to the masses of our country to the world masses, in the process of worldwide unification.