20 sep 2011

Life, Matter, the Universe (part 1 : presentation) (2011)

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

« Man is not moulded from a costlier clay [then animals]; nature has used but one dough, and has merely varied the leaven (…).

Is more needed, (for why lose myself in discussion of the passions which are all explained by the term, enormon, of Hippocrates) to prove that man is but an animal, or a collection of springs which wind each other up, without or being able to tell at what point in this human circle, nature has begun? (…)

Such is the uniformity of nature, which we are beginning to realize; and the analogy of the animal with the vegetable kingdom, of man with the plant. » (Julien Offray de La Mettrie, Man a Machine , 1748)

For us as dialectical materialists, life is matter in movement, in dialectical movement, with qualitative leaps. This is the basis of the thinking of Marx, Engels, Lenine, Stalin, Mao Zedong, but also of great precursors like Epicurus, Lucretius or Spinoza.

Does it mean that our materialism is the same as the bourgeois one, in this beginning of the 21st century? Absolutely not.

Bourgeois “materialism” at the beginning of this century is the ideological expression of the capitalist mode of production at a time of total decadence. This decadence does reflect itself in the bourgeois “scientific” conceptions.

One of these conceptions must be fully understood, as it is an ideological barrier to the socialist revolution. It is a conception strongly rooted in the masses, through all the ideological weapons in the hands of the bourgeoisie, from the movies to the schoolbooks, from litterature to the realtionships to animals and nature in general.

This conception, this enemy of the highest importance, is neo-darwinism. Charles Darwin, the great scientific, never used the term “evolution” (he used the expression “descent with modification”); the thought that is presented as the one of Darwin is in fact an ideological construction shaped during imperialist times going to war, in the 1930′s – 1940′s, and also just after the second imperialist world war.

Neo-darwinism is a very important enemy, because it is an ideological weapon used to reject the unity of nature and its dialectical evolution. Nature is presented as a “battlefield”; in a total reflection of the capitalist mode of production, nature is shown as the bloody struggle of the species, or better said of each individual, one against the other.

This conception is totally ideological, and does not express reality. It is an ideological weapon against composition, combination… symbiosis.

The same way the bourgeoisie is trying to make energy in a non natural way, by splitting atoms, instead that human thinking concentrate itself on the energy produced by atomic fusion happening in the sun, it tries to celebrate division, going in direction of a “genetic” ideology, where there would be a “selection” of aristocratic leaders, through random mutations.

Our articles “Life, Matter, the Universe” will try to present the dialectial materialist point of view on this field. Rejecting the bourgeois conception of chaos and its method of studying it with “statistics” (like with quantum mechanics in the field of physics), we will study what is symbiosis.

Rejecting the myth of the independent individual (like with micro-economy in the field of economy), we will focus on life existing in a system – the biosphere, where every thing and and every life are inter-connected, in a equilibrium that evolve.

Combination, alliance, symbiosis – producing a dialectical leap, to new beings, beings that are evolved matter, with senses, with thinking. And in this process, humankind as a species able to see the biosphere as a global system.

This is the 21st centrury.