18 avr 2015

Monism and negation of the negation

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

On lesmaterialistes.com, we defend monism – it is our basic identity. It means that we consider that there is no “split” parts in the universe, no parts at all: all the different elements are the components of only one process: the universe itself.

It means that historical materialism is only a study of some elements of the universe – the history of mankind – but that it can't be separated from dialectical materialism, which studies the movement of the universe.

This is the major difference separating us from the fake “Maoists” for which the communist ideology is just a technical way to make the revolution. For these people, Marxism is like cooking recipes, working in a cosmopolitan way, i.e. anywhere at anytime.

They fall in the big trap: the one of anthropocentrism, negating that we're matter and so belong to the general movement of matter. The evolution of mankind is not separated from the rest, and the climatic change is a terrible proof of the necessity of an ideological jump in the conception of mankind.

Mao Zedong opened this understanding, with his famous remark on the laws of dialectics, that were in fact only one law, as monism necessitates that there is only one reality: matter itself, which means movement, movement producing space and time.

Mao Zedong says so, in a discussion:

“Engels talked about the three categories, but as for me I don’t believe in two of those categories. (The unity of opposites is the most basic law, the transformation of quality and quantity into one another is the unity of the opposites quality and quantity, and the negation of the negation does not exist at all.)

The juxtaposition, on the same level, of the transformation of quality and quantity into one another, the negation of the negation, and the law of the unity of opposites is ‘triplism’, not monism. The most basic thing is the unity of opposites.

The transformation of quality and quantity into one another is the unity of the opposites quality and quantity. There is no such thing as the negation of the negation. Affirmation, negation, affirmation, negation . . . in the development of things, every link in the chain of events is both affirmation and negation.”

If there was a thing like “negation of the negation”, it would mean that a dialectical process of negating the negation could be understood as separated from the general movement of matter.

There would not be an universe as totality, but dialectical movements everywhere. This is precisely the conception of the fake Maoists (and this shows they are Trotskyites), which don't care or negate the dialectical of matter, pretending be dialectical in their method and only on the field of class struggle.

According to genuine dialectical materialism, there is only one chain of events, and this chain has “knots”, which are all interrelated dialectically. The universe is an onion, where all the strata are interconnected.

This is why dialectical materialism is not only a “method” to help historical materialism, but science in itself.

It permits to understand that life on Earth forms a stratum, that we can call a Biosphere like did it the Soviet scientist Vernadsky. It permits to understand that the solar system is a stratum of the galaxy, which is a stratum of a Galaxy cluster, etc.

To understand the strata and the inter-penetration of the strata is what dialectical materialism does. This is why there is no such things like negation of the negation: it would give a local negation a signification that it just not has.

There is only single process, one dialectical movement of infinite matter, forming the eternal universe.