24 juin 2012

CPMLM on Rio+20

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The failure of Rio+20 is the historical failure of the bourgeoisie ! Negotiators from 188 nations came to Rio in Brazil to sign an ambitious document, 20 years after the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in the same city.

And we know the evolution of the last 20 years, with global warming and the general destruction of wildlife through criminal productions like palm oil.

In this context, 50 000 people came in Rio for three days, on 20–22 June 2012, to discuss and make choices. But they failed, they have not been able to promote a new way of life. Despite their frenetic turmoil, what came out is a total failure, consisting in a miserable document on sustainable development, that shows that the bourgeoisie is not able to face the historical challenge of our epoch.

And this means suffering and deaths for billions of living beings on our planet, through anarchic economical development.

This only thing that the Rio+20 conference could produced is a 49-page document titled “The Future We Want”, where the word “reaffirm” is used 59 times. There are no decisions, because only the working class can make decisions. There are no changes planned, because the bourgeoisie doesn't need any changes.

The bourgeoisie can only hope that a sustainable development comes from itself, that there will be an international cooperation, that the situation will be, in a way or another, “under control”.

But this is impossible ; there can be no capitalist “green economy” ; capitalism has no moral values, no cultural values, it can only transform reality in commodities, any reality, even living reality. It can only live in competition and always more then in monopoly, exploitation and imperialist war.

It can only bring destruction. The time of humanism and enlightenment, where the bourgeoisie was progressive, is long gone.

The bourgeoisie can not see reality, it can not understand the world in general ; it can only see things from an individual, particular point of view. It is a proof of its historical failure.

And this shows that our time needs a socialist state at world scale.

The world revolution is the great question of our times ; climate change and generalized ecocide ask the best from the revolutionaries. It demands moral, discipline, a high ideological level, to face all the aspects of this kaleidoscope of destruction.

This is the alternative nowadays : either the bourgeois cities continue to grow until the collapse, or the socialist revolution permits the great leap forward, to go over the contradiction between city and countryside, abolishing the cities and producing the people's communes.

Let's understand properly the contradiction between city and countryside !

Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist - France