4 fév 2013

Maoism : the polemic launched by the PCE-CR (part 2)

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2 weeks ago we produced a sum up of the positions taken by numerous parties and organizations, after the polemic launched by the Communist Party of Ecuador – Reconstruction Committee. As there were new positions taken, here is another sum up of them.

The position of the CPMLM [France]

On the 18th of January, the CPMLM [France] produced a short document called “CPMLM - On the polemic launched by the PCE-CR”.

It explains that it understands the value of the polemic on the question of the RIM, but “when we take a look at the RIM, we should see the People's War in Peru that made it significant, and when we take a look at the People's War in Peru, we should see what made it significant, and it is the thought.”

Calling for open discussion, the CPMLM [F] raises the fact that there is a risk that “the expression of positions do not take a productive direction, that criticisms that can be made take in general a cosmopolitan form.”

The main risk would here be subjectivism, and the communists should understand correctly the situation, so that the contradictions are resolved : “The dialectical movement of eternal matter follows a pace that we must strictly accompany, reflecting it suitably we shall always succeed. We hope that all genuine Maoists shall accept the complexity of reality, its dignity, accepting that the road is sinuous, never forgetting the future is bright.”

The position of the Grupo Reconstrucción – Perucrpm

The Grupo Reconstrucción – Perucrpm is from Spain and works mainly on the question of Peru. On the 18th of January, it produced a document called “On the groups in struggle and defense of the joint declaration of the 26th of December 2012”.

The Grupo Reconstrucción – Perucrpm makes a short history of the PCP since 1992 and of the problems inside the Movimiento Popular Perú (MPP), generated organism of the PCP for the work abroad.

It notes that the Co-RIM didn't do nothing after Gonzalo's arrest, and that therefore an international emergency Committee to defend Gonzalo's life was build, outside the Co-RIM, by the MPP, which faced afterwards numerous defections and capitulations in its ranks.

Therefore, and as the situation in Peru is complex, the MPP is not clear, and its pretension to form the one and only MLM pole is not correct. The document of the PCE-CR, in this sense, converges with the centrists.

The position of the Partido Comunista (Marxista-Leninista) de Panamá

On the 20th of January, the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama expressed its position. Its document, called “One step forward, to sign the joint declaration of the 26th of December, and two others things”, explained its history and its conception.

The CPML-P takes indeed a defensive stand, because it is often criticized, for example for valuating the Khmer Rouge experience or for being member of ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations), a clearly revisionist international structure.

The CPML-P rejects the criticism of the Organización Comunista Bandera Roja (OCBR) from Spain, which explained that the CPML-P should move from “Mao Zedong Thought to Maoism”. It considers this as inadmissible, ideological neocolonialism, being not respectful and in violation with the inter-parties relationships between independent organizations.

The CPML-P notes that there are different international projects, because of ideological differences; “However, these factors somewhat limiting, have in common, besides the victorious completion of the world proletarian revolution and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the recognition and implementation - as science of the emancipation of the proletariat and mankind still oppressed - of the guiding thought of Mao Tse-tung or Maoism, Marxism-Leninism of the XXI century.”

The CPML-P considers that “this requires a sane communist mind, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist today. But not for certain "Maoists" lousy followers of Gonzalo thought, of the type of CR-PCE, apparently followed, blindly, by the comrades of the OCBR, victim of indigestion of a dogmatism trotskystic ideology, undertaking an absolutist and bureaucratic adulteration of the Maoist thesis of the two-line struggle.”

Considering that critics like “opportunism”, “revisionism”, eclecticism”, are like attacks, the CPML-P remembers what it considers as the principles of criticism and self-criticism, and stresses that there are no ideological center, no right of interference, intrusion, etc.

The CPML-P explains that it is “risible” and “ridiculous” that the OCBR accepts as correct the fact that the CR-PCE considers that it has not understand the difference between Mao Zedong Thought and Maoism.

To justify this, the CPML-P explains its own history, coming from the Corriente Ala  Proletaria, Frente Obrero Socialista (Marxista-Leninista-Pensamiento de Mao Tse-tung), Buró de Reconstrucción del Partido Comunista (Marxista-Leninista) de Panamá, with the reviews Tribuna Socialista (1969-70), Bandera Roja (1973-1979) y Nueva Democracia (1981-2012), until was accepted Maoism as a thought that was guiding.

The CPML-P tells also that it had good relationships with the Partido Marxista Leninista Italiano (PMLI – Italian Marxist-Leninist Party), that was a guide point and a reference of ideological orientation, even its ideological independence was kept.

It is to notice here that the PMLI exists since the 1970's in Italy, always on a Marxist-Leninist Mao Zedong Thought base, violently opposed to armed struggle and considering the Red Brigades as terrorists, state agents, etc. It never was and is no part at all of any Maoist, autonomous, armed fight scenes, and it never spoke of Gonzalo or the Communist Party of Peru, or of any People's War, etc.

The CPML-P stresses also the fact that it supported the People's War in Peru, Gonzalo, calling for his liberation, that its members were qualified of “gonzalistas” and “senderistas” because of this.

This makes that the CPML-P criticizes the OCBR for its position, for criticizing Odio de Clase, as being incorrect what concerns the contradiction among the people.

To sum up, the CPML-P practices a clear relativism.

The position of the PCE Sol Rojo

On the 27th of January, the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun (Sol Rojo) expressed its position in a document called « The RIM, an unburied corpse? »

In this document, the PCE Sol Rojo expresses the importance of the RIM ; “No one who boasts of his position of communist can deny the transcendental importance that had the RIM in the process of reaffirmation of Maoism as the highest Stage of Marxism and the momentum that took it to the development of the People's War in Peru, Nepal , Turkey, Philippines and India.”

According to the PCE Sol Rojo, there was a red line with the PCP and a black line with the RCP, USA, which expresses itself also with Prachanda and the betrayal of the People's War in Nepal.

Because of the problems of the PCP, the form of the struggle changed, it was outside the RIM, and the joint declarations of December 2011 and 2012, against centrism and avakianism, are correct. Therefore, the reconstruction of the RIM is not feasible.

Anyway, if the RCP, USA has the major responsibility of the collapse of the RIM, there were many of its components that did nothing or brought centrism. The RIM is dead, “a body that is putrid and unburied”, contaminating around him. It was killed by the RCP, USA and the CPNU(M).

The PCE Sol Rojo considers that the CE-PCR did not see this. The PCE Sol Rojo upheld Gonzalo and the People's War, and sees as erroneous the pretension of the CE-PCR to lead the struggle like it leads it.

“To that extent, [for] those who have established fraternal and internationalist relations in the purpose of proposals of struggle against revisionism, centrism and the construction of an International of a new type”, it is not possible to be part of a fanciful plan which talks about the PCP, but doesn't take really in account the international unity of the proletariat.

According to the PCE Sol Rojo, the lessons of Gonzalo must be taken, but it is not correct to explain that there would be a “plan” to isolate the Communist Party of Peru.

The criticism made of Odio de Clase goes also too far; the criticism should have not been made public, as Odio de Clase is a part of the movement and played an important role in the union against centrism, opportunism and revisionism. This is also very true when Dazibao Rojo is not criticized in that manner, whereas it is clearly centrist.

The question is the one of the line, and according to the PCE Sol Rojo, revisionism represents the main enemy in the International Communist Movement. In the struggle against revisionism and in the support of the People's War, even with internal criticism, can be raised the basis to build a new International.

Odio de Clase accuses the CR-PCE of trotskyism

According to Odio de Clase, the CR-PCE is trotskyist, acting leftist to support the right. The CR-PCE attacks those who struggle against centrism, with no attacks against those who have a position of conciliation with the Nepali revisionism.

The RIM is dead, it has lost all prestige before the masses, it doesn't say nothing about Nepali revisionism, and to rebuild it would be non-sense. The CR-PCE only helps those who defended Prachanda yesterday and who defend Kiran nowadays, i.e. false MLM.

Odio del Clase expresses the fact that its collective is not “perfect” and that it made errors, but denunciating revisionism and opportunism was necessary. The CR-PCE that pretends affirm the red line acts in the way of trotskyism, protecting the rightists. It is a fifth column of revisionism, it is full of conceit, haughtiness, arrogance, self-pride and despotism.

Another document of the CR-PCE

On the 27th of January, the CR-PCE produced a document called “Experiences, perspectives and debates”. It deals mostly with its own situation, presenting the struggle against revisionism in Ecuador as what helps understand revisionism at the international level.

According the CR-PCE, the present situation is characterized by the fact that “the proletariat and the peoples of the world go through complex moments: imperialist oppression, reactionary peace agreements, parliamentary cretinism, right liquidationism of Bob Avakian and Prachanda / Bhattarai, “left” liquidationism "left" of ODC and UOC”.

The CR-PCE considers the thesis of bureaucratic capitalism (in an oppressed country) as the understanding that permits to build the Party, a militarized Party launching People's War, in the frame of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Joint declaration of CPMLM [F], CPMLM [BD], OWA (MLM-pM)

At the end of January, the Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist Parties of France and Bangladesh and the Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist) produced a common document, called Open Letter to the International Communist Movement.

The document doesn't speak directly about the polemic, but explains that “be cause of the uneven development existing in the International Communist Movement, there are many differences about how to understand reality; there are indeed no sufficient unity, no sufficient exchanges among the International Communist Movement.”

Therefore, “the level of ideological, theoretical and cultural exchanges among communists must be developed. This means building an international platform, a democratic platform for the communists, which would be a step for the ideological unity in the future.”

The document upholds also Marxism Leninism Maoism on the line formulated by Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru: “In our eyes, genuine communists can only recognize the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo, who synthesized the lessons of the Great Cultural Proletarian Revolution, summing it up in the slogan: “People's War until Communism !” For this reason, we are for an open, democratic discussion among Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organisations wanting the International Communist Movement to move forward (…).

Comrades, let's dare unity. Let's build an international platform, to show our spirit of unity, to be able to exchange about our experiences and our lessons, to show to the world masses that, despite the uneven development, despite our differences, we are guided by the same red star, we are full aware of our duty.”

The reaction of Maoist Road

On the 2d of February, the centrist organ on the Internet, Maoist Road, published a text, signed Maoist Road 1-1-2013, in spanish. It is a clear attempt to use the position of the CR-PCE.

The document says the following:

“at present time

Maoism is people's war as universal way for the world proletarian revolution

Maoism is construction of the Maoist Parties in all countries for the new democratic and socialist revolutions

Maoism is struggle against fight imperialism, revisionism and opportunism – rightist and “leftist” petty-bourgeois cyber maoism

Maoism is support the people's war in India and international Comittee of support

Maoism is joining the fight for the rebuilding of the international MLM organization

after the “avakianist and prachandist” collapse of RIM and against the anti-RIM liquidators”.