18 sep 2011

The Imperialist Capitalism is in Crisis – Long Live Socialism and Communism !

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To the communists of all countries in this International Day of the Working Class.

The Imperialist Capitalism is in Crisis – Long Live Socialism and Communism!

On this First of May, millions of proletarians of all countries on the five continents, without discrimination of nationality, origin, political filiation, beliefs, sex and language, raise the red flags of fraternity, international solidarity and struggle against all forms of exploitation and oppression on the planet, thus fulfilling the mighty orientation of the Communist Manifesto: “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”.

On this 1st May, in every place resounds the war cry of the proletarian world army against the imperialist capitalism which became a worldwide system of exploitation and oppression, and is today torn up by an economical crisis of overproduction, wrenching for all the society and provoking dreadful consequences for workers of all countries. This crisis shows the lapsing of imperialist capitalism, before the violent shock between the powerful productive forces created by the social work and the narrowing capitalist social relations made of wage-earning slavery, demonstrating that the fundamental contradictions of capitalism, between the more and more social worldwide production and the more and more private worldwide appropriation, is mature to be solved by the World Proletarian Revolution and Socialism.

The recent years have seen the birth, growth and expansion of powerful economic empires that have devastated frontiers, people and cultures, incorporating in a single productive process and a single chain of exploitation billions of proletarians, whose conditions of life, work and existence, became even more unbearable in the present time of economical crisis, which is not the crisis of a young and ascending system, but the one of a declining system in a state of profound agony ; it is neither the crisis of a few developed countries nor of a few branches of production, but the crisis of a worldwide system of oppression and exploitation that sharpens like never before the worldwide contradictions of imperialism: between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, between the imperialist countries and the oppressed countries, between the imperialist countries themselves and between the big monopolistic groups.

The present crisis of imperialist capitalism shows that the system of wage-earning work no longer serves nor is needed by the society, because in spite of the gigantic wealth produced by the workers, they are condemned to the most dreadful starvation and misery.

The parasites of imperialist countries and big monopolies, which take control of all the wealth in the society and nature with the complicity of their lackeys in the oppressed countries, are not necessary and useful anymore. The prívate ownership of means of production, which remained the usufruct of the oppressing classes for centuries, has to be abolished by the revolution of the proletariat and changed into collective property of the direct producers of all the society.

The inhuman conditions caused by this crisis are the fertile land which awakens, in the consciences and hearts of people, the necessity and esteem for Socialism and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat; and what better occasion than this First of May to tell millions of proletarians and workers around the world that supreme rescuers do not exist in front of catastrophic conditions of ruin, misery, shame and suffering caused by imperialist capitalism.

The solution is not either in what some calls “socialism” and “democracy” of the 21th century, potion easing the sores of capitalism which have only been used to divert masses of the workers’ attention of the true way to Socialism and Comunism, the way of the Worldwide Proletarian Revolution, the only one able to emancipate exploited people in imperialist countries as much as in the oppressed ones, and also in the semifeudal countries where they can succeed in making the Revolution and establishing the State of New Democracy as a form of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

The world is mature for the revolution! As much in the imperialist countries where the labor movement, in which the migrant proletariat immigrant constitutes a powerful force, made a rush with with great uprising, strikes and demontrations in France, the United States, Germany, England, Italy… as in the oppressed countries, where the imperialist wars of aggression and the worldwide crisis of capitalism itself, multiply the opportunities to fight and resist the claws of the imperialist beast and the savage capitalist and semifeudal exploitation, as shown by the heroic struggle of the peoples in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, the demonstrations, strikes and rebellions all over Asia, Africa and Latin America.

And not only to resist, also to remove with the revolution all the relations of oppression and exploitation, as the intensification of social contradictions puts on the agenda the question of political power and revolutionary violence of the masses, and its resolution by the People’s War which – today – is advancing in a victorious way in countries like India, is re-appearing in Peru, and is getting ready in others, in agreement with the level of organization of the proletariat’s party.

In their international day, the proletarians must also understand that the imperialist hyenas are getting ready for another war, unfair, of imperialist plunder, which appears in a visible way in their proposals of cooperation summits to put an end to the crisis and “fix for good” their expansionist aspirations. As much the wars of aggression against the oppressed countries and people as the acceleration of the arms race, the war trainings and joint operations between the countries in order to show their capacity, are all signs of the preparation of a major war between imperialist countries. Because of the impossibility of solving the crisis problem by other means, the bourgeoisie is launched in the imperialist war to destroy most of the productive forces, to deal the world again and to tear off with the competitors the sources of raw materials, the markets and the labour force, an event to which the proletariat must be prepared: either to prevent the war by the revolution, or in case of a new world carnage arises, to transform this reactionary war into a revolutionary class war, in revolutionary civil war of the world proletariat against the bourgeoisie.

The dispute inter-imperialist for economical, political and military control on all the planet refutes in practice the reactionary kautskyst theory of “ultra-imperialism”, equivalent to the label of unbeatable power of the “total State of American imperialism”, serving as a pretext for revisionism to betray and disarm the revolution of New Democracy in Nepal.

The imperialist capitalism is in crisis – Long live Socialism and Communism! must be the world cry of the proletariat in its international day, affirming the validity of the World Proletarian Revolution and the necessity of a new and strong socialist system whose material premises were already created by the imperialism, and who has today the possibility of covering all the planet and transforming itself into a transitional period towards Communism, the future classless society, without private property caused by the exploitation between human beings, and without State to submit the enemy classes by the mean of dictatorship.

And with this reality showing a luminous prospect, the proletarians in the world must know a bitter truth : in Nepal, where the victorious advance of People’s War and the working and peasant masses were about to conquer power in all the country, the direction of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), signed a peace agreement with the bourgeoisie and the landlords with the support of the imperialists, dismantling people’s power in the bases of support and confining the People’s Liberation Army under the supervision of the UN. A renunciation of the revolutionary path which constitutes in the facts a treason of the revolution of New Democracy in Nepal and the World Proletarian Revolution, producing in the International Communist Movement a great confusion to the point that the RIM – Revolutionary Internationalist Movement remained tied up and quiet confronted to treason and to phenomenons which, as the crisis, are of decisive importance in the world situation and the international struggle of the proletariat.

Is necessary a thorough delimitation and a rupture with those which gave up the way of revolution. Is necessary to make of this fight the motor to conquer a new great grouping of authentic Communists.

It is necessary to demolish the new revisionism of the 21st century, rescuer of dying capitalism and principal obstacle to the unit of the International Communist Movement, and to the advance of the World Proletarian Revolution, as “… the fight against imperialism is a sham and humbug unless it is inseparably bound up with the fight against opportunism. ” (Lenin)

The same manner we arm ourselves with courage to confront with the truth like the treason in Nepal, we announce to the proletarians that its most conscious detachments, the best sons and the best daughters including in Nepal, recover today from this hard blow and raise high the banner of the fight against the new revisionism, facing political criticism, breaking – with the scientific force of the Marxism Leninism Maoism-, all their theoretical lies on the omnipotence of the imperialism, the peaceful transition, the “multi-party democracy”… and making a huge sacrifice to come to the front of the revolutionary struggle of the masses, to accelerate the plans of construction and fortification of the authentic Communist Parties and to stick with enthusiasm to the most immediate and important international task: the union of the Marxist Leninist Maoists to untie together revisionism and take again the road of the construction of the Communist International of a New Type, ideological center, political and organizer of the workers in the world, essential to organize the triumph of the World Proletarian Revolution on imperialist capitalism, the world triumph of Socialism and Communism.

Long live the red First of May, International Day of the Working Class!

The Imperialist Capitalism is in crisis – Long live Socialism and Communism!

Down with the Revisionist Treason in Nepal!

Go forward in the Construction of Communist Parties and in the direction of New International Conference of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists!

May 1st 2009


• Union Obrera Comunista (Marxist Leninist Maoist) – [Colombia]
• Marxist Leninist Maoist Communist Party – [France]