6 mar 2012

editorial of foundation #1

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

“The masses are the very light of the world... they are its fiber, the inexhaustable heartbeat of history... when they speak everything trembles, the old order begins to shake, the high summits bow down, the stars change their course because the masses make everything possible and are capable of anything.” (Gonzalo)

“Foundation” is the expression of our understanding in France of dialectical materialism; it exists in two versions: a French one, an English one. The articles are a selection of the Milky Way website (voie-lactee.fr) and defend the point of view of the Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist, that can be resumed in “Nothing is indivisible”.

 “Nothing is indivisible” is the foundation of our ideology, dialectical materialism. An ideology that made the Russian and the Chinese revolutions, that promotes all over the world the emancipation of the oppressed masses. But also an ideology that is purely scientific, founded not on desires or wills, but on the dialectical movement of matter itself.

“Foundation” is a national and international contribution to the understanding of dialectical materialism, of Marxism Leninism Maoism. We can already be very proud of articles about Mao's cosmology, about the principle of thought, about the concept of Biosphere. Here, we show that we learned the lessons of the avant-garde of the USSR and China.

We can be very proud to uphold, and be the first for that, scientists like Vernadksy, Tsiolkovsky, Oparin... And this is only the beginning of this work, that we do in France in the materialist tradition of Diderot, La Mettrie, Politzer... With, this is to note, a much better understanding of dialectics, that the French revolutionaries always had problem with.

It is true, indeed, that dialectics seem to be a huge problem for revolutionaries all over the world also; the dialectic of Nature, basis of the communist ideology, is unfortunately not really understood, studied propagated. We consider this as a terrible error, and “Foundation” is a contribution to move in this direction: having a global dialectical materialist understanding of the universe.

Such an understanding is, of course, difficult: it is hard to think without the concept of “cause”, “beginning”, “end”. We might be afraid of the fantastic dimension of this, for example when Chinese scientists explain in the 1970's: “The end of every concrete thing, the sun, the Earth and mankind is not the end of the universe. The end of the Earth will bring about a new and more sophisticated cosmic body.

At that moment, people hold conventions and celebrate the victory of dialectics and welcome the birth of new planets.

The end of mankind will also bring about new species to inherit all of our achievements. In this sense... the death of the old is the condition of the birth of the new.”

But this is true. When Gonzalo explains that the masses can make the stars change their course, it is not metaphorical, it is possible in the future, because the masses are “the light of the world”, they are living matter with gray matter, they can understand the universal movement of matter. This sense, this motion, is communism!