28 sep 2013

CPMLM[F] - Document 42 - On the insufficiency of the IPCC's last report

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

In making public yesterday's report on climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change organized by the United Nations shows the total inability of the ruling classes to understand reality and to assume a progressive morality.

As Lenin put it, imperialism is the reaction all along the line. Ecocide, deforestation and destruction of nature in general form an inseparable whole from the nature itself of the accumulation of commodities existing in the world today.

The Marxist Leninist Maoist Communist Party considers as morally and historically right the objective and subjective confrontation with this process of ongoing destruction.

The ideological and cultural passivity before the criminal reality that is spread before our eyes is unacceptable. One can not be progressive without assuming an identity in total conflict with the general offensive against our biosphere.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change notes that climate distubance continues and that by 2100 the temperature of the biosphere will increase by 1.5 ° C to 4.5 ° C.

However, according to dialectical materialism, it is not simply a matter of temperature, but of the organizing itself of the planet's reality.

The current destruction is not limited to a question of temperature or extreme weather events, it is associated with massive deforestation as in Brazil or Malaysia, the ever-increasing threats to the last wild areas like the Yasuni in Ecuador, the generalization of a barbaric lifestyle of which McDonald's is one of the components.

Dialectical materialism teaches that the biosphere in which humanity lives is massively transformed by the existence of the latter. Human labor has changed the matter through different modes of production.

Capitalism had, as historic role, to unify scattered individuals and to socialize them in a common production, however for the service of an exploiting class.

This is the point where we must begin, because the capitalist mode of production exists nowadays in a handful of states, and also directs the production of the rest of the world, composed thus of semi-feudal semi-colonial countries.

This means that what is produced and how it is produced is determined by the demands of capital. As can be seen every day, these requirements are ever increasing, capital is insatiable, resulting in increasingly advanced destruction of our biosphere.

This means that there is no way to "nationalize" production, the goal is to capture the productive forces and to change the choices made.

A Humanity unified in the world socialist republic has no need for nuclear, weapons factories, meat produced on an industrial scale.

The proletariat will not be able to take power if it is not enough conscious of this, because then it remains a prisoner of the capitalist choices, of capitalism itself.

This is a great lesson of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution on the need to overcome the contradiction between town and countryside, between mental and manual labor.

The biosphere is increasingly upset as the dominant mode of production on our planet, the mode of production which governs the way of life of humanity, is ever more decadent and each day more barbaric.

It is only by taking to grips with the reality that the proletariat can seize itself as the ruling class in the world.

Facing ecocide, assume antagonism carried by the authentic radicalism of our time: that of the working class!

Develop awareness of the global masses about the reality of the background of the capitalist mode of production, so that the proletariat is able to seize itself as the ruling class!

Refute the pseudo-revolutionary economism, which meets the requirements of the petty bourgeoisie or of the national bourgeoisie, which prevents from seeing the challenges of our time!

Prepare for a century of People's Wars!

People's War until Communism!

Marxist Leninist Maoist Communist Party of France

September 2013