18 mai 2013

CPMLM [F], OWA (MLM-pM): Long live Ibrahim Kaypakkaya's thought!

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Savaş arın kazan !”,” War, purification, victory !” - this is a great Maoist slogan, used by the Maoists of Turkey in the 1980's, after the bend in the road caused by the death of the great communist Ibrahim Kaypakka, killed on the 18th of May 1973, 40 years ago.

As explained in the document on the guiding – thought, “Ibrahim Kaypakkaya found TIKKO, the Workers' and Peasants' Liberation Army of Turkey (Türkiye İşci ve Köylü Kurtuluş Ordusu).

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya himself was severely wounded during a fight with the reactionary army in the mountain of Dersim; he managed to escape, however, he was captured a week afterwards.

He was forced to walk barefoot over 50 km snow and icy rivers from city to city, then put in Diyarbakirs prison for nearly four months, where he was in solitary confinement and systematically tortured.

He was finally shot by the reaction as he revealed absolutely no information.”

Since this heroic death, the Maoist slogan has been raised: “İbo yaşıyor, TİKKO savaşıyor !” - “Ibrahim is alive, TIKKO is fighting !”

From Afghanistan and France, we hail the great figure of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, and we say also: “Yaşasın Marksizm-Leninizm-Maoizm ! Yaşasın halk savaşı !” - “Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Long live People's War!”

And we know that Ibrahim Kaypakkaya is the carrier of the guiding thought in Turkey.

Based on the teachings of Chairman Mao Zedong, all revolutionary leaders of the world in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century have explained that the fake democratic regimes of semi-feudal and semi-colonal countries / colonies are the representatives of a joint dictatorship of the bureaucratic/bureaucratic comprador bourgeoisie and the landlords.

This joint dictatorship emerges as fascism in such countries. Great leader of the proletariat of Turkey, Chairman Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, affirmed himself in Chairman Mao’s Thesis of Bureaucratic Capitalism, opposing Kemalism and its lackeys.

As Kaypakkaya explained: “Kemalism itself is fascism; the kemalist dictatorship is a fascist military dictatorship.”

The Turkish kemalist regime pretended and pretends to be “democratic”; in fact, “Kemalism means: all progressive and democratic thoughts are put in chains; each kind of press which doesn't praise kemalism is forbidden.”

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya also waged a brilliant two lines struggle in defense of Marxism and to combat revisionism.

The then guevarist and centrist lines, mainly the THKP-C of Mahir Cayan and the THKO of Deniz Gezmis, which did not adopt the ICM correct line presented by Chairman Mao Zedong in early 60s, were day by day drowned into revisionism. Comrade Ibrahim rejected such centrism, and upholded, defended and applied Chairman Mao’s International line against modern revisionism.

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya explained here: “The idealist and against reality considerations of the middle bourgeoisie, in particular to the topic of kemalism, went so much in them [the revisionists] and are so fixed in their heads, as a unity, that a communist consideration on kemalism became nearly impossible.

We know too well that our consideration on the topic of kemalism makes bounce in rage all bourgeois and petty-bourgeois organizations and currents, beginning from [the republican center left people] Çetin Altan [journalist and parliamentarian of the Türkiye İşçi Partisi), Workers Party of Turkey], Doğan. Avcioglu [journalist], İlhan Selçuk [lawyer and journalist] until the TIP, Mihri Belli [main theoretician of the kemalist left, favoured a military coup of kemalist officers and formulated the principle of Milli Demokratik Devrim - National Democratic Revolution], Hikmet Kıvılcımlı [member of the Communist Party of Turkey and then founder of Vatan Partisi – patriotic party], TKP [Communist Party of Turkey], THKP-THKC [Türkiye Halk Kurtuluş Partisi – Cephesi, Party – Front of People's Liberation of Turkey, a guevarist guerilla founded by Mahir Çayan], THKO [Türkiye Halk Kurtuluş Ordusu - People's Liberation Army of Turkey, non-party guerilla founded by Deniz Gezmiş] and the Safak – revisionists.

But is it therefore not necessary to take a more serious look to the history of Turkey, to try, to grasp it correctly? The reality of Turkey shows us that: kemalism means a fanatical anti-communism.”

When we study Chairman Kaypakkaya’s works, we find great similarities with those of Chairman Gonzalo who wrote almost a decade later.

We also find similarity with Chairmans Siraj Sikder and Akram Yari. This all comes from a unique and principled Maoist stand, which was taken by great revolutionaries of the different countries.

This is also a reaffirmation of the Guiding Thoughts of above mentioned revolutionary leaders, whose Thoughts are the creative application of universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of their countries.

Let us for example compare the similarity of Chairman Ibrahim and Chairman Akram Yari’s defense of Maoism regarding to the thesis of Bureaucratic capitalism and combatting bureaucratic bourgeois agendas.

These two revolutionary leaders both declared that: the politics of bureaucratic bourgeoisie is nothing but a fascist scenario that fights for the benefit of joint dictatorship of landlords and comprador bourgeoisie.

According to comrade Ibrahim, even if there is a reduction in number of peasantry in a country, and even if the peasantry is not the majority in an oppressed country, the Maoist thesis of bureaucratic capitalism is still valid.

And the weapons must be taken against the fascist scenario of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, i.e Kemalism, through the strategy of People’s War : “the countryside encircles the cities” is the only solution to wage a people’s war.

Here is what he exactly says:

Even in the case where feudalism has been gradually resolved and consequently the peasant population is reduced, the strategy still remains valid.”

This is a correct and Maoist stand. We can compare this classic Maoist stand with the revisionists stands of today, like the one of the “maoist Communist Party of Italy” in favor of Hugo Chàvez; we can compare it with the stand of the Communist Party of the Philippines for which Hugo Chàvez is a Hero for the masses, or to the petty bourgeois illusions of the UOC MLM (from Colombia), who opposes itself to the legacy of Maoist Thesis of Bureaucratic capitalism.

On the other side, we can compare the above synthesis of comrade Ibrahim with Comrade Akram Yari’s stand, and enjoy the similarity of the positions:

Will the development of such a corrupt and degenerated capitalism {the bureaucratic capitalism} which comes from the situation of world imperialism, triumph over feudalism in the long run?

Is imperialism able to grow its embryo (the capitalism) in this form in this country (in Afghanistan) {without relying on a corrupt form, which is bureaucratic capitalism}?

The answer to this question, according to our stand, is absolutely negative!

First, the development and growth of free market capitalism, which plays a second role in such a circumstance, is prone to defeat in international situation of imperialist capitalism.

This comes from greedy tendencies and hegemonic expansionism of imperialism, especially social-imperialism which creates obstacles and prevents the development of this domestic capitalist class {the national bourgeoisie}.

Secondly, the growth and development of bureaucratic capitalism which is mixed with oppression, disarrangements and feudal discriminations, and contaminated with corruptions, hierarchy of privileges, and at the same time, fascist religious dictatorship is also inseparably annexed to it (to bureaucratic capitalism), and is the only form which has emerged in all countries under the domination of capitalism{imperialist}, in such a degenerated form{which is bureaucratic capitalism}, and this not only does not develop capitalism in such countries, but rather it reinforces and strengthens the remnants of feudalism, and is instrumental to save feudalism within its boundaries, and by such a {degenerated development of capitalism} it keeps the imperialist world market stable.

So, the thing which imperialist market place brings to such countries, which calls it “modernization” is a corrupt half-tailed capitalism, which is rotten and degenerated rather than progressive, and is older than anyone can assume {and this is contrary to the claims of its apologies who argue for its modern character}, and this is more than its “modern” character, relying on rotten and old {prerequisites and old infra and supra structure}.”

With all this in mind, on the 40th anniversary of Martyrdom of comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, we express our red salutes to the shining path of comrade Kaypakkaya, the golden road to communism!

We feel pledged to the contributions that chairman Kaypakkaya made to the masses and the working class of Turkey.

He is alive as a hero of the masses, and his name even inspires the revolutionary masses of other countries. He is a symbol of proletarian internationalism, and his guiding thought is the key to understand the path for Turkey to revolution and waging people’s war until communism.

We express our unlimited hatred to bourgeois bureaucrats and reactionary warlords who are the killers of Comrade Kaypakkaya, and we know that it is inevitable that the People's War in Turkey develop itself and triumph.

Long live Protracted People’s War in Turkey!

Proletarian and oppressed masses of Turkey:
uphold, defend and apply comrade Kaypakkaya’s
Guiding Thought of revolution!

Long Life Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism !

People's War until Communism!

Organization of the workers of Afghanistan(MLM-p-Maoist)

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party of France

May 18, 2013