1 juil 2015

CPF (mlm) - Declaration 72 - Greece, victim of the inter-imperialist contradictions

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

What is happening nowadays in Greece is the product of the inter-imperialist contradictions and the contradictions among capitalism itself. The capitalists devour each other and the weakest ones fall first.

Therefore, Greece, a weak capitalist country, is becoming more and more dependent of stronger imperialist countries, being guided by a bourgeoisie tending to become a bureaucratic capitalist faction sold to the Russian imperialism and helping its goal to destroy the European Union.

This shows again that the law of contradiction is universal and that Gonzalo's teachings are the core of dialectical materialism of our epoch. As it is expressed by the Communist Party of Peru in “The International Line”:

“Our Party sustains the view that in the current world there are three fundamental contradictions:

1) The contradiction of the oppressed nations, on one side, against the superpowers and imperialist powers, on the other. Here the thesis of the three worlds is delineated, and we formulate it this way because the kernel of that contradiction lies with the superpowers but it is also a contradiction with the imperialist powers.

This is the principal contradiction and its solution is the development and victory of new democratic revolutions.

2) The contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, which has as its solution the socialist revolution and within that perspective, the proletarian cultural revolution.

3) The inter-imperialist contradictions between the superpowers themselves, between the superpowers and the smaller imperialist powers and, finally, among the imperialist powers themselves, which leads to war for world hegemony and imperialistic wars of plunder which the proletariat must oppose with people's war and in the long run, world people's war.”

What we can see in Greece corresponds to the third point, with smaller imperialist powers becoming weaker and weaker, passing under the control of stronger imperialist powers and superpowers expanding their hegemony.

The referendum that is organized in Greece is nothing more than a plot to change the political regime and mobilize the masses in a fascist direction chosen by a fraction of the ruling classes against another one.

If Greece leaves the European Union, under “leftist” semblance, it will only open a wave of ultra-nationalism, helping the nationalist parties in Europe which are precisely supported by the Russian imperialism.

Greece won't pay his capitalist debts, but the money won't serve the masses, as it was already appropriated by the ruling classes which, not wanting to pay back, use the masses to mobilize in a nationalist way and transform the country in a semi-colonial way, under the hegemony of the Russian imperialism and China's social-fascism.

The social question in Greece is becoming a national question, and the lack of democratic perspective under the leadership of the proletariat makes unavoidable the reactionary nationalist mobilization in this country.

The referendum organized in Greece is a fascist mass mobilization, with the aim of submitting the country to imperialist powersin competition with others.

This submission serves the ruling classes which are ready to sell Greece, just to maintain their parasitic existence.

This is very clear when we take a look at the positions in France on the questions of a leaving of Greece of the Eurozone.

With the general crisis of capitalism, the fractions of the bourgeoisie in each country are fighting each other, exactly like the imperialist powers are struggling for the best position.

In France, we can see that the bourgeoisie is split in fractions defending the following positions:

- a common leadership (with Germany) of the European Union;

- a common leadership (with Germany) of the European Union but with a relative break with the USA;

- an acceptance of the leadership of Germany i.e. the maintaining the status quo but with an spirit of opening towards the USA;

- a struggle against Germany for the leadership of the European Union with in the background a break with the USA;

- a struggle against Germany with an exit of the European Union with in the background an open break with the USA.

When the leader of the “Left Front”, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, call to support Greece because it would “defend the French frontier” against the attempt of Germany to colonize the countries of the European Union, it is obvious according to progressive people that he's defending a fraction of the bourgeoisie and certainly not the masses.

The campaign for a “sixth republic” called by Mélenchon and others has the same nature as the referendum in Greece: mobilize the masses to change the regime to make a change in the political balance of power of the fractions of the ruling classes.

Fascism carried by the Front National of Marine Le Pen has a leftist form: the one carried by Mélenchon. It has the same substance, and with the deepening of the contradictions, the appearing difference disappears more and more.

That's why, we say:

Defend the communist ideology and its tradition against post-modernism and the petty bourgeoisie in decay !

Maintain the red line of dialectical materialism, of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to build the Communist Party and advance in its strategical proposition to the French masses !

Let's affirm: the referendum in Greece is a trap to mobilize the masses in a nationalist direction in a “social” form which serves only the ruling classes !

Communist Party of France (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
July 2015