18 sep 2011

Chirac confers with Putin and Merkel: one more step towards imperialist

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The summit meeting in Compiegne with Chirac, Putin and Merkel is of great importance. It concerns imperialist countries having strong links, which keep increasing within the framework of the imperialist war now looming.

This imperialist war is already announced by all. It is gullible not to understand why it is possible in France to criticize death penalty in the USA, without having any right here to speak about life imprisonment and isolation.

France succeeded in maintaining her positions in Africa and in the Middle East, against the USA which tried by every mean necessary to change the deal in their own favour; it is obvious in Ivory Coast, in Algeria, in Lebanon, in Rwanda, where the USA fomented armed rebellions.

The French imperialists even operate together with the US imperialism in order to yield nothing in countries such as Haiti, Afghanistan, Lebanon.

Despite this inter-imperialist competition, some still speak about a ‘world imperialism’ or consider France as a ‘small imperialist country’, which is supposed to fundamentally have a positive role compared to the ‘fierceness’ and the ‘inhumanity’ of the Northern American ‘superpower’.

These people serve the ‘democratic’ ideology of the French imperialism. They deny that our enemy is within our own country!

In this unrestrained competition with the USA, France has accustomed allies: Germany and Russia. India is also often nearby, as seen with the support for Massud, carried out by these four countries in their competition with the USA in Afghanistan.

Germany has just decided to send troops to Lebanon, assuming for the first time since 1945 its status of military imperialist power; the Bundeskänzlerin Merkel has just met the Chinese Prime Minister as well, let’s just remember that Germany has been the first trade partner of China for 30 years, the first investor.

Russia has just concentrated all its air industry (Irkout, Mig, Iliouchine and Soukhoï into OAK) and has just bought shareholds of EADS, the military-industrial European monopoly.

Within this general framework of the reinforcement of the military-industrial complex serving the imperialist aggression, the communist position must be clear: down with French imperialism, down with the French State, for the defeat of our own imperialism, long live the world people’s war!

For the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist),
September 2006