22 sep 2013

CPMLM [F] - Document 41 - France : on its way to a military coup and fascism

Submitted by minus

In the French army, the massive support for the "quenelle" [a legal semi Nazi salute] movement initiated by comedian Dieudonné is paving the way for future fascist mass mobilization.

What fascism needs today, in addition to its agressively militant  groups and an electoralist Front National, is a large and irrational mass mobilization on the same scale as the ones accomplished by the S.A. and the Brown Shirts in the past.

Mass mobilization for the "National Revolution".

Groups such as "Troisième Voie", "les Nationalistes Autonomes", "Jeunesses Nationalistes", "Artham Brotherhood" or "les Identitaires", have all attempted at some point to become mass movements on an elementary level.

However, the mainstream mobilization of the "Manif pour Tous" ["Protest For All" against gay marriage] has changed the deal, and left the Far Right lagging behind what we consider to be a "Right-wing May 1968", a series of mass protests trying to turn into a "conservative revolution".

In addition, what fascism needs now is a movement which is populist enough to reach population groups from all origins -  with the notable exception of the Jewish minority, given that antisemitism is a constant in romantic anti-capitalism.

This is when the "quenelle" salute appropriately comes into play, a salute borrowed from the Nazis and the symbol of a virtual and idealistic struggle against "the oligarchy", the "Washington-Tel Aviv axis", "the Zionists" and so forth.

Dieudonné is a perfect example of how the ideology of humourism, based on shameless populism, is used in France in a very successful way; it is in the order of things that the comedian Jean Roucas from the "Bébête Show" has recently offered his support to Marine le Pen.

On the way to a coup to support the "conservative revolution".

This pseudo-maverick, totally irrational trend of the "quenelle" is allowing people to "act rebellious" for the sake of humour, even when they work in/obey strict hierarchies.

That is why the "quenelle" is so popular in instances such as the Police Nationale, the Gendarmerie, the fire brigades, the military and the special forces.

Here lies the key to the establishment of fascism in France. A victory of Marine Le Pen would spell trouble, and the so-called "temporary" use of the miltary forces would be justified as a means to fight "la racaille" ("scum") and to restore order.

Thus, an appeal to the armed forces appears to be the most plausible option - as was the case during the régime crisis of the Fourth Republic, when in the wake of the military coup of 1958 De Gaulle became the man of Providence and brought along with him his authoritarian régime the Fifth Republic.

That is why royalists from the "Lys Noir" have been campaigning among army officers for a military coup ; Dieudonné himself has  called for a coup, jokingly but for real.

Social Democracy and the bourgeois Republic are stuck in a rut.

Faced with fascism's progress, social democracy has overtly endorsed antifascism of the anarchist type, stuck in the Eighties as it is. The murder of Clément Méric was seen as the perfect opportunity to keep antifascism to the state of a mere struggle against the far right, thus denying the need for a revolutionary struggle, and the notion of revolution itself.

But already, the Social Democrats and their anarchist sidekicks are hoping in vain. Their antifascism has long been overtaken by fascim, and lost all credibility, integrated as it is into bourgeois institutions, and into bourgeois ideology.

As for the bourgeois republic, it is incapable of enforcing its own laws and of legally punishing all the military staff, police staff and firemen who make the sign of the "quenelle" while wearing their uniforms, even sometimes in groups or in arms.

The bourgeois republic is incapable of fighting fascism ; social democracy and the republican right are only doing management work; and they are giving way to a new team of bourgeois managers - fascist managers this time.

The Jewish masses are at a turning point.

In France, the vast operation to win over the Jewish masses undertaken by the fraction of the bourgeoisie of Jewish origins over the last twenty years has been a total success, be it by means of the state-recognized CRIF or through fascist organizations such as the "LDJ" [Jewish Defense League].

In the process, Zionism as an ideal of social liberation - in fact a reactionary and racist goal - has been abandonned for religious activism and ultra-aggressive Zionist conservatism.

The Jewish masses have to understand that this tendency towards communitarianism is only benefitting the fraction of the bourgeoisie of Jewish origins, who is taking advantage of them  as a protected market with kosher products, and as a political market with the assistance of rabbis.

It is only through unity with the larger masses in the fight for socialist revolution against the real enemy, i.e. the bourgeoisie, that the Jewish masses will be armed to face the forthcoming wave of pogroms and extermination.

The battle against irrational views of the world.

During the 2005 referendum on the European Constitution, the CPMLM[F] had predicted the oncoming wave of fascism, thanks to its historical-materialist approach.

Whereas all the far left had grown accustomed to thinking that the Front National was a thing of the past, we had rightly asserted that the French imperialist bourgeoisie had supported the NO camp in the referendum, and would soon seek to assert its political power in order to govern the state.

The far left rejected these claims - on the ground that the CPMLM[F] overestimated the advent of fascism - and refused to take antifascism seriously - before making a complete U-turn over the last months, and taking ownership of antifascism.

So much for authenticity, and there is no need to stress the opportunistic nature of this kind of antifascism. This approach is bound for failure : what lies at the heart of true antifascism really is the struggle against irrational views of the world.

But it is only possible to achieve this by having a good grasp of dialectical materialism in general, of historical materialism based on one's own country's actual situation, and by resolutely applying this knowledge ideologically and cuturally.

What to do in the face of fascism and the oncoming military coup.

The masses have understood that the question is not WHETHER reaction will finally prevail, but HOW. That is why they partially give in to fascism, in the hope of seeing something positive coming out of it, a light at the end of the tunnel.

But decaying capitalism has nothing to offer but imperialist war and more exploitation, in order to maintain profit while putting the masses under yet more pressure.

This is why anyone aware of the situation must understand that French society is at a turning point. Now is the time for cultural and ideological war, to demonstrate that the only way to overcome the crisis is to regard it as what it truly is : the general crisis of capitalism.

This means that in the face of the coming coup and ensuing fascism, our task is to assert the party of Science, the party of socialist revolution, the party that asserts that fascism is nothing but a produce of the general crisis of capitalism.

When fascism is on its way to win over society, let's retaliate with antifascism on a sound, progressive cultural basis, that will bring unity rather than division to the masses !

Let's study dialectical materialism and historical materialism to fight back fascism's cultural and ideological positions !

Let's fight anarchist and Trotskyist positions and the ideology that sees fascism as a "disease", and fascists just as a bunch of gangsters !

Fascism is the direct outcome of the general crisis of capitalism which leads the imperialist bourgeoisie to power - let's fight it with People's war, let's overcome capitalism and establish socialism !

Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist [France]
Septembre 2013