31 aoû 2016

The pathetic failure of the Signalfire blog

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The Signalfire blog has finally understood Maoism... But it means that it has finally understood that it has nothing to do with it. It is a pathetic failure from an American blog played a very negative role.

During five years, it published in an eclectic manner documents and informations in thousands of copied and pasted posts, about “Maoism” and especially the People's War in India, giving access to nearly two hundred links, in the spirit of the “Maoist” centrists and opportunists, helping them to appear like a movement going “forward”.

Of course, this went with the contribution to the conspiracy of silence of the opportunists against us, as we promote Dialectical Materialism and the real continuity of Maoism. And we can be very happy that this blog never spoke about us : this is the proof that the demarcation line as been traced...

It is always the same with such project : at the beginning, there is the pretension to be a ultra-revolutionary group... and it finishes individually, in a always more decadent manner. In our own country, France, we have also numerous blogs like that.

Here is what says the Signalfire blog. We put in bold the passage which is very important, showing that this person understood what Maoism really is, but as he's on a bourgeois position, he deforms it and is against it...

“This website has always been the personal project of a single individual in the United States since it began its current incarnation five years ago.

For a variety of reasons I feel I am no longer in a position to provide a comprehensive daily review of news on both armed struggle in South Asia and the international Maoist movement (…).

I have come to see Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as a theological idealism based upon a mythologization of the Cultural Revolution.

If considered realistically the Cultural Revolution is a defining event of 20th century politics which marks the implosion of both state socialism as a mode of capital accumulation and the Leninist party as a political structure in correspondence with this.

Maoism is a conservative effort to assimilate this rupture to a Stalinist continuity and is an obstacle to the possibilities of post-socialist and anti-theological communism.”

Yes, Maoism is an ideology, it is a “theology”, it is “stalinism”! And it's correct! Maoism is Dialectical Materialism, the science of eternal matter marching to Communism, not an ultra-leftist way for petty-bourgeois to promote spontaneism masked under “post-socialist and anti-theological communism”.

The Signalfire blog was an opportunist who helped centrism and opportunism, and it's a shame that he dares say the following, when in fact he was a major, key player of it :

“Publishing hallucinatory statements about how “hundreds of millions” of workers and peasants are joining the “victorious people’s war” at a time when the Maoist forces in India have been pushed onto the defensive and the dangerous impasse in which the movement is stagnating is clear to anyone familiar with publicly available documents is not solidarity but irresponsible self-promotion.”

This could be and should have been the self-criticism of the Signalfire blog. It was a major advocate of this idealistic line used by “Maoists” centrists and opportunists for self-promotion.

But instead of self-criticism, we have here liquidationism, and it is no surprise. Some petty bourgeois sectors, especially in the imperialist countries, try to make an hold up on Maoism to promote their post-modern decadent ideology where the “trans” are the main revolutionary subject, so to make “pressure” on the bourgeoisie.

They negate entirely ideology and the study of their own country ; they speak of “people's wars” but of course negate entirely the history of armed struggle in their own country, which for Germany and Italy says it all.

The Signalfire blog was a main component of such a “trend” ; its disappearing is a very good thing and the expression of the advance of class struggle.