5 juil 2012

Higgs boson as God particle, “building block” of the universe: a mystical conception of the bourgeoisie

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

“The world is infinite. In both time and space, the world is boundless and inexhaustible. Beyond our solar system are numerous stars which together form the Milky Way. Beyond this galaxy are numerous other galaxies. Regarded broadly the universe is infinite: regarded narrowly, the universe is also infinite. Not only is the atom divisible, but so too is the atomic nucleus and it can be split ad infinitum. Chuang Tzu said: 'One can take away half of a hammer measuring one foot long daily, but there will still be no end to it even after ten thousand generations'.” (Mao Zedong, Talk On Sakata’s Article, August 24, 1964)

The universe is infinite and eternal, it must be understood as an onion, with infinite layers. This conception of the infinite nature of the universe was well understood by the first materialists, in particular the ones of the Arabic-persian falsafa.

But what was logical for someone like the great Averroes is not logical for the bourgeoisie. What the bourgeoisie thought as its beginning is not what it thinks today any more; early materialism is long gone, Averroes' existence only known by few.

The bourgeoisie is totally reaction, and plays with the accumulation of productive forces in irrational way. In all fields of science, the bourgeoisie is reactionary; all the dominant conceptions must be put away, all of them.

We already have seen how the bourgeoisie tries to manage all the productive forces through statistics. Genetics, physics, economy... The bourgeoisie does not understand nothing, so it says it is not understandable, but useful through the knowing of statistics.

Nevertheless, this time, the question of the Higgs boson is another one. What we are confronted with, is the narrow-minded aspect of the bourgeoisie.

The bourgeoisie “reasons” with a “beginning” and an “end”. That is the way the bourgeoisie needs the conception of the “big bang”, conception that each day is nearer from the religious monotheistic conception of the “creation” of the world.

For us, communists, creation is something not possible. Only production exists, through production, symbiosis, qualitative leap.

But for the bourgeoisie, there must be a beginning. It is the only way to explain how it appeared as class; if there was transformation in the universe, then the bourgeoisie was only relative (to a certain period of development of the productive forces).

In fact, the bourgeoisie is “inventing” an atomic conception. An “atom” means in Greek “something unbreakable”, i.e. the smallest element of the universe.

For us, there is no “smallest” element in the universe, because one becomes two and it never ends; the universe is infinite, there are just no limits.


Here comes the Higgs boson. The bourgeois conception is the following: the atoms are breakable. They are composed of subatomic particles : elementary particles and composite particles.

The Higgs boson is an elementary particles. Like all the element particles, it is considered by the bourgeoisie having no substructures – it means that they would be the primordial elements of the « birth » of the universe.

We, communists, reject totally this conception; they are no building blocks, and there was no birth to the universe.

That is why the bourgeoisie needs absolutely a “primordial element”: to “prove”, at any price, that it is correct, that its vision of the world is the correct one.

The prize indeed here is almost $10 billion, used to build a « Large Hadron Collider » in Switzerland. It consists in a 27 km circumference circular tunnel, located 100 metres underground, studying particle collisions.

This structure is managed by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), that announced yesterday a “milestone in the understanding of nature” with “proof” of the existence of the Higgs boson.

Why that? Isn't it only a subatomic particle more? It is not only that. The Higgs boson is a key element of all an idealist construction made by the bourgeoisie, construction called the “Standard Model”.

The Higgs Boson is not only here “another” subatomic particle, it is said that this would be the proof for the “Higgs field”.

The role of this field makes that bourgeois commentaries call the Higgs Boson “God particle”. Let's see why.

In the bourgeois conceptions that we have here, a big bang happened 13.7 billion years ago and created “fields”. One of these ubiquitous fields is called the “Higgs field”. Its role: giving mass to something that has no mass.

The field is everywhere and the elementary particles come in interaction with the field, that “brakes” them and give them a mass. In this process, there is a “side-product”: the Higgs boson.

It means: the “Higgs boson” brings the mass, it is like a “God particle” because it brings something “created” by the field.

In this theory, the world exists materially through the “Higgs field”.

Where does this field come, according the bourgeoisie? From the big bang of course. The big bang is conceived as a extremely tiny dot expanding in a real quick ways; the process of vacuum is energy, carried by the field.

Of course, when the process of “expansion”, “inflation” of the universe is finished, it is because the energy of the vacuum has been extinguished. Here, the “Higgs field” would not be active any more (except to maintain the material universe), which means that the universe is “finished” in size, but of course also that there is something else!

Here, we come to the very point where the bourgeoisie is totally unable to understand the world. The bourgeoisie can not see that it is coming to another “layer” of the universe as an onion.

To understand it properly, let's see how Shoichi Sakata explains this, in June 1947, in the article “Theoretical Physics and Dialectics of Nature”, based on the Dialectics of nature of Engels:

“Next, let us briefly mention about the fundamental character of the dialectics of nature-"the logic of nature"-extracted from the dialectic view of nature based on the totality of the results of modern science.

First, “it is necessary to understand that nature is by no means an accidental collection of objects and phenomena which are mutually separated, isolated and independent, it consists of one thing that is mutually related, dependent, restrictive and connected.

The all of nature, from the smallest element to the largest, has its existence in eternal coming into being and passing away, in ceaseless flux, in unresting motion and change.” Secondly, the laws on development and motion of nature have the same form as those found by Hegel as the laws on development of thought.

Namely they are: “The law of the transformation of quantity into quality and vice versa; the law of the inter-penetration of opposites; the law of the negation of the negation,” etc.

Let us explain these in a slightly concrete way.

Current science has found that in nature there exist qualitatively different “levels"-the form of motion — , for example, a series of the levels such as elementary particles — nuclei — atoms — molecules — masses — heavenly bodies — nebulae. These levels form various nodal points which restrict the various qualitative modes of existence of matter in general. And thus they are not merely related in a straightforward manner as described above. The “levels” are also connected in a direction such as molecules — colloids — cells — organs — individuals — societies.

Even in the same masses, there exist “levels” of states corresponding to solids-liquids-gases. Metaphorically speaking, these circumstances may he described as having a sort of multi-dimensional structure of the fish net type, or it may be better to say that they have the onion-like structure of successive phases.

These levels are by no means mutually isolated and independent, but they are mutually connected, dependent and constantly “transformed” into each other. For example, an atom is constructed from elementary particles and a molecule is constructed from atoms, and conversely the decompositions of a molecule into atoms, an atom into elementary particles can be made.

These kinds of transformations occur constantly, with the creation of new quality and the destruction of others in ceaseless changes. Even the elementary particles, which have been regarded as the simplest and the ultimate constituents of matter, no longer have the metaphysical character of eternally invariable “atom” such as postulated by Democritus. For instance, a meson produced in the atmosphere by cosmic rays transforms into an electron and a neutrino with such a short life of 2 x 10-6 sec.

These types of transformations among different “levels,” the creation of new qualities and their eventual destruction, obey “Hegel’s law.” Some physicists may object to the above statement with the assertion: “The law for the construction of atoms. is quantum mechanics, while the one governing the solar system is Newtonian mechanics”.

Quite right, each level is governed by a law inherent to the respective ones. Just for this reason, one needs individual sciences. It is the “dialectics,” however, that is commonly found as the universal law in “quantum mechanics, Newtonian mechanics, the law of evolution of living organisms, the law of evolution of societies” and even “in the law of development of thought.”

Therefore, it may be regarded as “the logic of nature.” In view of this fact, quantum mechanics, Newtonian mechanics, and indeed every science can be understood only by the logic of dialectics. The confusion brought about on the interpretation of quantum mechanics had its main origin in the fact that physicists did not have the logic of dialectics.”