3 sep 2013

CPMLM[F] - Document 39 - On the deepening of French intervention in Syria

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

The open and massive use of chemical weapons in Syria is another proof of the profound decadence of the imperialist system, his inner trend to barbarism.

We come back here to the logic of mass killings of the first imperialist world war and its use of chemical arms, but also to the pogromist ideology of the second imperialist world war.

The fact that these chemical weapons were used both by the semi-colonial puppet regime of Syria and the pseudo-revolutionaries is a proof of their class character. They both serve imperialist powers like Russia, the USA, France, Great Britain... but also semi-colonial expansionist powers like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar...

What is happening in Syria in a whole is a crime against the masses, masses which are manipulated to obey in an indirect manner to the orders of imperialist forces. In the sense, the leap in the intervention in Syria of our imperialist country, France, must be rejected by all progressive forces, like had to be rejected the support of the fake “Syrian revolution.”

The use of chemical weapons is a crime, but it is of course only a pretense for French imperialism to make a direct intervention, after the clandestine formation of the fake “revolutionaries”.

Imperialism in general had set aside a open use of chemical weapons because of the difficulty of controlling the spread, but we saw that US imperialism used massively the infamous “agent orange” in Vietnam and we can be sure that our own imperialism, like the USA or Russia, etc., makes secret tests and is itself ready to produce such weapons.

This is all another reason of the necessity of socialism, of the destruction of imperialism and all its lackey regimes. And, because of the interconnected aspect of imperialism and semi-colonial regimes, it is not a communist position to support a semi-colonial regime and to pretend it would have an anti-imperialist character.

Such a position is a capitulation to bourgeois nationalism and the adoption of the revisionist thesis of the “national state”, a bourgeois conception formulated to serve the interests of the social-imperialist activities of the USSR during the 1960's – 1980's.

Such a position is the negation of the necessity of the People's War as sole strategy for the working class, as autonomous way for the world masses.

In this sense, we want to stress here the erroneous affirmation of the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun (Sol Rojo).

This party affirms correctly that the contradiction between the masses and the Syrian ruling classes (big land owners and bureaucratic bourgeoisie) is irreconcilable, but explains at the same time that the military intervention of the USA, France, etc. would make as principal the “nation-imperialism” contradiction.

This is wrong, because the contradiction between nation and imperialism exists since long, as Syria is a semi-colonial country.

The big land owners and the bureaucratic bourgeoisie are enemies of the nation, they are an anti-national tool of imperialists forces. The People's War's strategy has as a goal to smash semi-feudalism indeed to tear off the presence of imperialism.

It is possible to speak as such of the nation-imperialism contradiction only in two situations: when an imperialist country is invaded by another and so the bourgeoisie becomes a national bourgeoisie which is a possible ally; when a People's War has been successful and the country is invaded and so the national bourgeoisie becomes not a possible, but a direct ally.

The Syrian masses are so trapped between reactionary forces, and there is no way out without the democratic revolution through People's War.

Any other option is a masked support to one imperialist force or another, is bourgeois geopolitical talk.

Unmask the imperialist activities in the world and reject each military intervention !

Imperialism is decadent and criminal and can not be a progressive force for human rights and justice !

It is only the armed world masses that can lead the world correctly, paving the way for communism in following the working class and its ideology: dialectical materialism, nowadays marxism-leninism-maoism !

People's War until communism !

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party [France]
September 2013