26 Jan 2015

CPMLM - Declaration 67 - About SYRIZA's victory at Greek parlementiary elections

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

“Investment in growth” can't be the solution of capitalism as it is a dying mode of production. This is a law of history, and the electoral triumph of SYRIZA in Greece can't change this.

SYRIZA won with 35,73% of the voices, just short of outright majority, with an anti-austerity line which is only the mask of reformist modernization. This situation shows a thing which is very important to understand: reformism is still a very strong tool of the bourgeoisie to modernize capitalism through the mobilization of the masses and “Keynesian economics”.

As long as the genuine revolutionary Party is not able to propose a valid, credible, highly civilized program to the masses, as long as the masses are not led in a ideological process where the class struggle take a revolutionary direction, capitalism will maintain itself either through reformist modernization or Fascism and imperialist war.

The nature of SYRIZA - the Radical Left Coalition - is precisely the same as the one of the joint blueprint made by the left centrists, the socialists and the revisionist “communists”, who won in France the elections in 1981. François Mitterrand became then the French president, there was a nationalization of the banking sector, a “modernization” of the institutions through decentrlization, and all this solely helped capitalism to face its crisis in a better way.

SYRIZA has the same role. Its existence is the product of the lack of revolutionary alternative as Greece knew important riots in 2008. Both the reformists of SYRIZA and the Nazis of Golden Dawn grew then up as alternatives internal to the capitalist system.

Both used nationalist rhetoric, populism, criticisms of the “bad” capitalism in particular and therefore protecting capitalism in general, calls to modernize the state. The content of SYRIZA is empty if we look at the question of ownership of the means of production, relationship to nature, democratic culture.

It is here very significant to see where SYRIZA comes from. It is now a party, to respect the Greek law on elections i.e. to win more seats; it means that the parties members of the front proceeded to their own political liquidation: SYRIZA is the expression of opportunist decay.

The main component of SYRIZA was Synaspismós (Coalition of Left, of Movements and Ecology), a rightist split of the revisionist KKE - Communist Party of Greece- , which line is practically the same as the French Party of the Left of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The Trotskyist DEA - Internationalist Workers' Left -, whose line is the same as the French New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA), is also a component of the unified SYRIZA, like the KOE - Communist Organization of Greece, formerly A/synechia - an important founder of SYRIZA which pretends to uphold Mao Zedong, and “has decided [in July 2013], as a necessary step for the strengthening of SYRIZA and of its unified expression, to suspend its autonomous public presence”.

Of course, these structures continue their existence as currents in the unified party, among others like the Trotskyists of the International Marxist Tendency. SYRIZA is a front produced by all opportunists, obeying to the call of capitalism to be saved through modernization.

This all shows the impossibility of SYRIZA to mobilize the masses, masses which are even paralyzed through the populist calls of renegotiating the debt, when in fact a total rupture must be produced with the high bourgeoisie, which takes in Greece a very oligarchical form.

It is very important to see the ideological capitulation expressed by SYRIZA's leader Alexis Tsipras, when he went to the Vatican in September 2014 and hailed Pope Francis as the “pontiff of the poor”, whereas a couple of days ago he meet the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, leader of a very rich and ultra conservative Greek Orthodox Church.

It shows here that SYRIZA has no democratic content, only the form of it. It is the banner of popular Democracy that should be raised in Greece, because must be crushed the most reactionary elements of the bourgeoisie looting the country, and in this struggle a huge front can be made in the broad masses, to defend culture, the material basis of civilization.

The masses who voted for SYRIZA try to find a way in this sense, but SYRIZA won't be able to satisfy their needs. Only a deep study of Greece – its economy, its culture, its state, its classes – can permit to build an ideology opening the ideological and cultural spaces to select the enemies, to calibrate the agitation and the propaganda, to develop class struggles following a correct line.

The state is not neutral – only a popular democracy can satisfy the needs of the masses !

Defending the culture and the civilized level of society means crushing the decadent classes leading  society to chaos, barbarity !

The organs of the bourgeois state are anti-democratic and must be crushed through people's war, only the armed masses can lead their own destiny !

Marxist Leninist Maoist Communist Party [France]
January, 2015