18 sep 2011

CPE, Wage Labour, Imperialist State – Yes, it is necessary to sweep this colossal heap of refuse!

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CPE, Wage Labour, Imperialist State -

Yes, it is necessary to sweep this colossal heap of refuse!

Yes, it is necessary to sweep this colossal heap of refuse made up of those who defend the old world!

Yes, it is right to struggle against the CPE, to make it a fight against wage labour!

Yes, it is right to make the French universities, those cultural headquarters of the imperialist bourgeoisie, a target of the popular struggle, and not to restrict the struggle in the faculties!

Yes, it is right to seek revolutionary confrontation!

Because should we regard the popular movement as something alive or as something dead?

Should we allow the popular movement to be the object of electoral or trade-union triumphs, or should we take part in it in order to make it the protagonist of history?

For us it is clear that the masses make history, that the popular movement is alive!

And we think that the popular movement was going to launch out, that this was clear; even if the referendum on Europe and the CPE had not happened it would not have done anything to change this fact: the masses want revolution and each day the revolution is born on its way!

Because capitalism does not have problems, it is the problem!

The capitalist crisis is inescapable and each day it shows its character as an assassin!

While waiting, there are of course obstacles with the popular movement, because in fact the university and high school student strikes, spaced out in time and prepared in advance by the trade unions, break the sweep of revolt and any deepening of its duration.

But the living movement progresses, is divided into two, engages in self-criticism without pity and, like the mole, seeks ways towards the light; this is why those and those which fight for a grass-roots movement, free of the institutional left trade unions and parties, are completely right!

It is this way that it is necessary to take!

The way of the organization of the masses by themselves! But care! Because the enemy is not only the cop in the street or the trade union on the corner of the street. It is also the cop in our heads, who pushes, with competition or division, triumphalism or despair.

Without the unity of the revolutionaries, there will be nothing. Nothing separate from the institutionalised trade unions and political parties.

It is not enough to preach the action by the base if one is not there to defend it against the Socialists and the Trotskyists, if one is not there in the long term to open a revolutionary prospect. And for the unity in the movement today, it is clearly necessary to fight against the line of those graduate petty bourgeois who know that the CPE will put them in competition on the labour market with proletarian non-graduates more easily hired at lower salaries and henceforth easier to dismiss without reason.

The line of these petty bourgeois who want the CDI ["contract a dure indetermine", a contract for an unlimited period of time] to have the possibility of borrowing and buying an apartment on credit in 20 or 30 years time.

This petty bourgeoisie decided to have its May 2006, caricaturing May- June `68.

It is the line of those who supported the « No » vote on the European Union constitution and who now are focussed exclusively upon the CPE, serving objectively the PS « PCF » – LCR project, i.e. a electoralist project not serving in anyway the masses.

Marx was right to say:

« Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. »
(Marx: 18th Brumaire of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte).

We do not need a May `68 bringing the next year the election of a president « of the Left », or being used as pretext for people holding bankrupt ideas to copy models from May `68 which had become bankrupt even at the time.

That which we need, it is an authentic popular movement based on the poorest masses, in order to break the well behaved, « good boy » character of the general fight.

Because of what use is it to today fight only against the CPE, if in parallel the State helps the Suez union and France Gas, the Savings bank and the popular Bank?

Monopolistic groups like Pernod, Suez, France Telecom, EDF, Saint- Gobain, etc., do not cease increasing their influence on the economy; French capitalism accounts for 20% of the figure of merger- acquisitions in Europe (which increased by 33% in 2005, the world increase being 35%).

Within this general framework, the resources controlled by the companies – mainly machines and the equipment – do not cease increasing, and much more quickly than the economy: a 73% increase between 1995 and 2003, whereas the GDP increased officially only by 33%.

In 2005 the companies of the CAC40, is the 40 largest French companies, showed a 50% increase in profits over the previous year: here is an economic truth that should justify a true confrontation of class.

And a confrontation of class does not consist of a spell binding call for a « great national demonstration » and a « general strike ». It can only consist of the People’s War!

In the same way to assert a greater intervention of the State is objectively counter-revolutionary.

Because current privatisations do not consist of a disengagement or a retreat of the social State, but of an offensive operation of the Imperialist State which had initially under Mitterand nationalised sectors of the economy to modernize and restructure the great monopolies, so that in the second phase (under Jospin in particular) it could open them up more than before to competition and to throw them in the way of absorption by the monopolies.

In this context, the « PCF » and the PS show that they are the principal obstacles to a true revolutionary culture.

Their ideology of a « neutral » State is counter-revolutionary, as is their idea of democratic society acting like a rampart against capitalism, which denies the Lenin’s thesis of Lenin that:

« A monopoly, once it is formed and controls thousands of millions, inevitably penetrates into every sphere of public life, regardless of the form of government and all other « details ».  »
(Lenin: Imperialism, highest stage of capitalism).

There is no use either in being astonished that the fascists seemed to fall from the sky in order to intervene physically against the popular movement, as was the case in the Latin Quarter.

It was inevitable, and this is why it is ever more necessary to fight for a general revolutionary conscience of the situation!

Unity in the revolutionary fight against the State and the bourgeois,

Long Live the anti-CPE popular movement! For the PCMLM March 2006