28 juin 2015

Attack in Isère: against nihilistic barbarism, to get up the Populare Democratic Culture

Submitted by Anonyme (non vérifié)

As an Islamist decapitated his boss and tried to blow up a factory near Lyon two days ago, France is shocked. It is difficult to express the disgust which predominates, nevertheless we can say that the sorrow mixed with anger is very different from the reactions from January forming the “Charlie” mass movement.

The mass believed that Islamic fundamentalism was only an idealistic strategical proposal, that could only be rejected despite some dramatic events; Charlie was therefore a mass movement expressing a democratic vision of “living together”.

The new attack changes things, as it shows that Charlie won't be enough. This time thee masses understood that Islamic fundamentalism was a deep rooted ideology, which will continue its practical realizations through murderous attacks, in a manner always more nihilistic.

The people that were Charlie believed that capitalism was at least democratic, and that it would be at least enough to reject Islamic fundamentalism. They are discovering, without understanding it, the fact that capitalism is non-democratic, that capitalism means imperialism and therefore the maintaining of semi-feudal relationships in the majority of the countries of the world.

The relationship of France with Qatar is an open example of this: Islamic fundamentalism is an enemy in Mali, an ally in Syria, invest his money in France but not only to the companies, also to the Islamic projects... This is the bloody alliance of capitalism and semi-feudalism.

And of this monstrous union come monsters killing children because they are Jewish like in Toulouse with Merah in 2012, killing cartoonists in the name of religion like in Paris at the beginning of this year...

These monsters are themselves a mixture of feudalism and capitalism. In Syria, the “Islamic State” made an underwater movie of people in a cage being drown in a swimming pool... In the South of France two days a go, the murderer took a “selfie” picture with the slain victim....

This is unacceptable and the masses want answers. What appears is very clear: there should be a strong setback based on universalism and democracy. In this camp we find the progressive people, the “Charlie” people, and of course us as communists, who affirm people's democracy, based on the humanist – Enlightenment – Social-democracy culture.

But there is the other camp, defending a great ultra-conservative “clean up” led by Marine Le Pen, a camp which win always more points in the ideological battle.

There is also a third camp, which was hurt as possible by this new event: the one of the post-modernists and the “far left”. The “far left” rejected totally “Charlie”, pretending that it was a fascist mass movement, that Islamophobia was the main “oppression”: it pays now the price for this terrible populist momentum with a total discrediting.

And instead of self-criticism, we shall see an escape with.... more and more post-modern trends like explaining that there would be no nations, that the couple is a reactionary social form, that frontiers should be abolished right now, that the enemy is not the bourgeoisie but the “white man”, that prostitutes are “sex workers”, that there would be no sex differences but only genders which frontiers are anyway to suppress, etc.

We live clearly in a time of decay, of total collapse. Barbarity advances always more, and post-modernism is a form of it. And the masses want an answer: if the progressive don't have them, they will seach in the camp of ultra-conservatism, of “revolutionary” conservatism, of fascism.